Colors For Your Kitchen In 2022

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Michael Foster
February 27, 2023
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Color is one of the most important factors to consider when designing our dream kitchen. It influences every aspect of the design, from the flooring to the cabinets and countertops. Color psychology suggests that yellow makes you hungry, orange represents passion and emotion, white signifies purity and cleanliness, and so on, so the color scheme you choose for your kitchen will profoundly affect the space. Finding the right shade is essential but may not be the most enjoyable activity; after all, there are 42 shades of every color in the rainbow. So we've searched the web for the best kitchen colors to make things easier for you.

1. Green

Green tones are strongly associated with nature and create a relaxing, informal atmosphere. Soft sage tones work perfectly on a country cottage-style home with shaker-style cabinetry and classic wood floors, while a deep forest green creates a moodier and more sophisticated feel.

2. Grey

It is considered to be one of the more sophisticated kitchen colors. It would work well with rustic and traditional kitchens and more modern and industrial styles with clean lines and shiny metalwork. Moreover, it is the perfect foundation for various colors, from soft blues to rich burgundies.

3. Yellow

Bright yolky yellow adds light and dimension to any room, and it provides a deceptively versatile base for highlights of primary blue, rich aubergine, sky blue, or even burnt orange.

4. Blue

Typically paired with light woods and creamy countertops, inky blues are a more forgiving shade than all black. This helps to offset any heaviness that comes with a dark wash of color. Greener variations such as teal or sapphire introduce richer undertones that accentuate brass or gold metalwork.

5. Pink

Kitchens painted in pink require a keen eye to avoid being overly sweet. On the other hand, pink shades in chalky or rich hues can be versatile and sophisticated, mainly when used on shaker cabinets paired with natural materials like deep mahogany or white marble.

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