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Our remote assistance service makes it easy to fix simple problems without waiting for a technician to come to your house.
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Leaks, fixtures, or clogs? Let us guide you.

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Appliance Repair

Fridge not cooling? With our expert help, you might fix it yourself in 20 minutes.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

Too cold or too hot? We can diagnose the problem.

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Electrical Services

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Air Duct Cleaning

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The technician will diagnose the problem and determine the next steps to solve your problem.
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Jonny B
Jonny BAppliance Repair
1,500+ JOBS

“I’ve been specializing in appliance repair for over 6 years. My favorite thing is seeing our customers happy and relieved. Home emergencies can make your life stressful but it’s my job to make sure repairs don’t impact your mood in a negative way.”

1,000+ JOBS

“Home Alliance is changing the game in the market of home services. It's amazing to be a part of a company that's growing so quickly.”

SamHeating & AC
1,000+ JOBS

“I joined Home Alliance 4 years ago, and over time I became a manager of HVAC department. However, I’m still busy with repairs and installations because I love field work.”

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