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We understand that emergencies can happen at any moment. That’s why we strive to provide the fastest service on the market.

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We listen to your feedback, and constantly update our service portfolio to meet the needs of your home.

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We develop our digital solutions to ensure you’ll have an enjoyable experience. For your convenience, you can manage all your repairs and maintenance orders online.

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Jonny B. | Appliance Repair
1500+ jobs

“I’ve been specializing in appliance repair for over 6 years. My favorite thing is seeing our customers happy and relieved. Home emergencies can make your life stressful but it’s my job to make sure repairs don’t impact your mood in a negative way.”

Vic | Appliance Repair
800+ jobs

“Home Alliance is changing the game in the market of home services. It's amazing to be a part of a company that's growing so quickly.”

Sam | Air Quality
600+ jobs

“I joined Home Alliance 4 years ago, and I was one of the first technicians to provide Air Quality services. Over time, I became a manager of this department. However, I’m still busy with repairs and installations because I love field work.”

What our customers say

Reginald Glenn
Los Angeles, CA

I contacted Home Alliance for a faulty air conditioning system and I received the visit from Richard. He was very courteous and professional during the whole time he spent at my home. He diagnosed the problem quite quickly and repaired it properly. After the repair we checked together that everything was functioning properly. What impressed me the most putting apart his professionalism is that he took time to clean the house after him. I highly recommend Home Alliance for their effectiveness and promptness.

Ismael Pierce
Orange County, CA

It is the first time I use a service so reliable. I had some issues with my heating and I hired a technician from this company. I requested a same day appointment if possible and they delivered just that. A technician knocked at my door about four hours after my call. He provided outstanding service. He repaired my heating system in just about two hours. The repair was very well made and now my heating system is working as new. I am very grateful for the incredible work the technician did. These are the people to call if you need any help with your heating system.

Helen Underwood
Miami, FL

After a week of struggle with my washing machine, I finally found time to call Home Alliance to request a technician for a repair service. It was a very kind and helpful representative who answered my call and was very patient as I asked her a dozen questions about their services. She got me a next day appointment and fortunately it was Saturday and I was home the whole day. The technician arrived on time and did a very good job. It took him some time but the result was incredible. I recommend this company to all those who have problems with their appliances.

Juan Davie
Los Angeles, CA

I have always called Home Alliance when I have a faulty dryer. They are for me the best appliance repair company in the market. They have very punctual and polite technicians and their customer service representatives are very helpful. The last time I contacted them was for a faulty refrigerator. My fridge made strange noises and it was impossible for us to sleep. The technician arrived the next day after my call and as usual did an incredible job. If you want to deal with a trustworthy and professional company then Home Alliance is what you need.

Deborah Knights
Miami, FL

I requested a technician from Home Alliance after a friend recommended them. He told me about their reliability and I was not disappointed. I had a pretty bad situation with my water heater as it was not heating water at all. We spent the whole weekend without hot water and on Monday a technician finally arrived at our home. He quickly found out what was the problem and repaired it. The work was done properly and he left the bathroom clean after him. I think that from now on Home Alliance is the only company I’ll call for any plumbing situation I have. I highly recommend them.

Keanu Ortiz
Los Angeles, CA

My drains had been giving me a headache for about a week when I decided to call Home Alliance for help. It took forever for water to go down the drain. The expert who was sent to help me solve this problem was Pedro. He arrived at my home with a case of equipment and did everything fast and good. After an hour of work, water was flowing normally down my drains again. I'm very grateful to Pedro for his professionalism and kindness. Keep it up, you are just the best.

Diane Pham
Los Angeles, CA

Home Alliance is really a trustworthy service. Part of my house was suddenly plunged into darkness when I called them. They were very responsive and sent me a technician just three hours after my call. The technician found out some problem in my electrical circuit and it took him the whole afternoon to fix it. He worked very quietly and by the end of the day everything was back to normal. What I really appreciated above all was the cost of the service. I thought that due to the time spent the bill would be high but it wasn’t. I highly recommend this service.

Raymond Villarreal
Orange County, CA

After moving to a new house, we noticed that some of our outlets and switches were not functioning properly. So we contacted Home Alliance to have them check what was causing the problem. They booked a technician for the next day at 10 am. Before the technician arrived, they gave us a call to inform us he was on his way. The experts arrived 10 minutes early and went straight to work. This is the type of professionalism that I like to see in technicians. The guy did an amazing job and the cost of it was quite good. Home Alliance is really a reliable company with qualified technicians.

Erica Dudley
Los Angeles, CA

Home Alliance services are really exceptional. I noticed that my home was very stuffy and I thought it must be caused by a vent problem. So I got an appointment and asked if a technician could come the same day. They got me a technician for later that evening and a pretty good technician. He came in a vehicle with tool cases and some spare parts. Once in the house he checked what was wrong, explained what happened and started his work. Apparently my vents needed some cleaning. It took him some time to get everything done but he did it. I’m very grateful and highly recommend this company.


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