Multi-Lender Point-of-Sale Financing Solution

Home Alliance brings point-of-sale (POS) financing to underserved businesses like brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers.

Use it to convert more customers at checkout by helping them buy now and pay later

How Point-of-Sale Financing Works
The merchant or service provider uses Home Alliance to request funding for the customer
Home Alliance sends the financing request to its lending partners
A lender may accept the request and provide the customer with a loan, line of credit, or other form of financing
If the customer is approved, the merchant receives the funding directly within three to five business days
Why Home Alliance?
Here are some of the top reasons merchants choose us for POS financing
Home Alliance is easy to use and can be effortlessly integrated.
Easy Setup and No Stress
After you are approved as a merchant, it only takes a few clicks to start using Home Alliance cloud-based POS financing solution.
Free Upgrades and Support
We regularly update our platform, reporting tools, dashboard, and lender network at no additional cost. Additionally, our IT team is ready 24/7 to help resolve tech-related issues.
You Get Paid Upfront
With Home Alliance, merchants don’t have to wait for their customers to pay back the loan to get paid. Instead, merchants receive the funds in full within two to three business days.
The Home Alliance Advantage