Prime Membership Plan

Free technician visits for 1 year

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when you need them.

Benefits of Prime Membership

24/7 Preferred Support

Our provident support staff will be there to take your call any time of the day. You’ll get the support you deserve as a member by our dedicated Membership Concierge staff.

Complimentary Service Calls

If anything is wrong with your appliances, cooling or heating units, air quality, plumbing, or electrical issues, our technicians’ visits will be FREE anytime while you’re a member.

Free Annual AC Inspection

Never be caught in the hot days without AC again. With your free annual inspection included in your Prime Membership, we will ensure your air conditioning is in perfect shape.

Additional Offers

As a member, you get access to a large network of additional home service providers in our area to save extra money for the duration of your annual membership.

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