10 Reasons Why Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry

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Gina Napsin
March 26, 2023
Home appliances
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We have all been there: standing in front of the dryer, waiting impatiently as our clothes go round and round - yet they remain damp after what felt like hours! Not only is this immensely irritating, but it can also be an issue if you require your laundry to be dry urgently.

If you've ever gone through the tedious process of waiting for your clothes to dry, then you know it can be a highly exasperating experience. Not only does this inconvenience take up significant amounts of time, but it may also cost more money in energy bills and labor costs if professional help is needed. Several reasons could make your dryer slow-moving, from minor issues requiring quick solutions to more complex matters requiring specialized attention.

In this blog, we will discuss the foremost causes of why it takes extended periods to complete its job. Resolve these issues quickly so that you can restore order and regularity in your laundry routine!

10 Reasons Why Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry

  1. Clogged lint filter: A lint filter clogged with debris can restrict airflow, causing it to work harder and take longer to dry your garments.
  2. Dirty dryer vents: If your vents are blocked with lint, dust or any other material, it will obstruct the airflow and make it take time to dry your garments.
  3. Overloading the dryer: Trying to dry too many clothes at once can prevent air from circulating properly, which is one reason it takes drying your garments.
  4. Faulty heating element: If you have a broken or damaged heating element that is preventing proper heat from reaching your drying machine. Replace the faulty component and get back to warm, fluffy laundry in no time.
  5. Malfunctioning thermostat: If the thermostat is not functioning correctly, it may not be able to regulate the temperature properly, causing it to take longer to dry your clothes.
  6. Improper dryer vent installation: When your vent is not installed correctly, it impedes airflow, resulting in prolonged drying times for your garments.
  7. Damp clothes: If your clothes are not adequately wrung out in the washing machine, they may remain damp when loaded into the dryer, leaving you waiting longer for perfectly-dried garments.
  8. Low voltage: If the electricity levels in your home are below average, it significantly extends the amount of time taken to dry your garments.
  9. Malfunctioning timer: If your dryer's timer is not working correctly, it may not be able to advance to the next cycle, causing it to take longer to dry your clothes.
  10. Faulty blower wheel: A damaged or broken blower wheel prevents it from circulating air properly, causing your clothes to dry longer.

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If you're experiencing issues with your dryer or other appliances, it's important to address them immediately. Not only is it frustrating, but it also is costly in terms of energy usage and even sources damage to your appliance in the long run.

At Home Alliance, we understand the importance of having fully functional appliances, and our experienced technicians are equipped to handle any issues you may be experiencing with your appliance. From clogged lint filters to malfunctioning heating elements, we diagnose and repair the problem quickly and efficiently, saving you time and moneys.

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