5 Ideas How To Brew Great Coffee At Home

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Michael Foster
June 19, 2024
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Coffee to go at the familiar coffee shop has become part of the usual routine and a pleasant moment of the day. But what if you stay at home and still want coffee as good as in your favorite coffee shop? What do you need to make your home-brewed coffee as good as the one you have in a coffee shop?

Cappuccino machine

When you need to make coffee quickly, a cappuccino machine is a real deal. You should put a coffee-capsule in a special compartment and push the button: water passes through this capsule under pressure and thus gives you a cup of good coffee. Making coffee in a cappuccino machine does not require any special skills, you just have to choose capsules for your taste. Some capsules already have milk dry milk inside, and in more advanced models there is a small jug for making a real cappuccino or latte with a delicate milk foam. Such coffee machines are very easy to look after: capsules fall into a special compartment after being used and it is really easy to clean. This option is ideal for those in a permanent hurry: the coffee is made in a couple of movements: one - put the capsule, two - press the button, three - the drink is ready.

French Press

With the help of French-press you can quickly and easily get a big portion of black coffee: you need to put ground coffee in a French-press, pour water of 96 degrees, wait for 4 minutes, press the filter down and pour coffee cups.

Drip coffee maker

A drip coffee maker allows you to make a lot of coffee relatively quickly and easily. Of course, filter coffee is different than an espresso made by a professional. But it also has its admirers. In addition, such coffee is healthier: it has less coffee oils, that provoke the risk of atherosclerosis.

Professional espresso-machine

This option is for those who like to control the process and are not afraid of complexity. In order to brew a real espresso, you will have to study the theory and have enough practice. Much depends on the machine, but even more depends on the barista's hands and understanding of the coffee-making process. You will have to choose not only the beans, but also check the degree of grinding, the proportions of coffee and water, take into account the time of preparation and the weight of the drink. But the result is worth all the difficulties on the way.

Moka pot

The moka pot brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. It is easy to use, and will provide you with fine espresso in the morning. Set the flame to low when putting your moka on the stove – it will make sure your coffee is just as it should be – full of flavour. When you hear the gurgle it means your coffee is ready.