5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Michael Foster
September 20, 2022
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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Having a renovated, expensive-looking bathroom adds value to your home and makes you comfortable spending time taking long baths. While it really isn’t the priority for renovation for some homeowners with a tight budget, owning a nice bathroom gives you more time to decompress and allows you to unwind from stress by taking long, relaxing baths or a hot shower.

The biggest advantage of remodeling or updating your bathroom is that it raises the market value of your house. In addition to getting to enjoy the new bathroom for yourself, selling the house will also yield a healthy return on your investment. So if you plan on upgrading your house’s bathroom, here are some tips and ideas Home Alliance gathered to help you with your renovation!

Upgrade the tile

Installing a new tile increases your bathroom’s aesthetic and gives it a clean look that makes you want to take your time showering! Most modern bathroom tiles are stain, mold, and humidity resistant, with easy-to-clean grout. There are various ways to upgrade your bathroom tiles on a budget, even if you can't afford to retile the entire area. A tiled room's appearance can be easily and cheaply improved by applying paint or changing the grout.

Improve the lightning

Maximizing natural light, carefully positioning fixtures, and selecting the appropriate light bulb for the job is one of the many things to consider in improving the lighting of your bathroom. Having a light that is close to cool or bright white makes the area more vivid and clean-looking. LEDs are also an excellent choice for lightings, whether it's a vanity mirror light, the room's primary light, or underlighting at a bathtub's edge.

Replace your mirrors

One of the most noticeable elements of your bathroom is the mirror! Replacing your old vanity mirror with a modern and classy one will definitely add a touch of exquisiteness. Buying one that is in style will make your bathroom look even better than it was before. It is also recommended that you go with a mirror that matches the taste of the homeowners.

Add Storage

Adding storage like simple baskets, shelves, or even over-the-toilet units is a great way to keep the clutter at bay! Or at least keep it hidden from guests. Going for a neutral color when buying baskets, shelves, and things alike, might be a great idea, as it is best to keep them all in one color to have a coordinated look in the small space. (Or be daring your choice!)

Update your decor

Finally, add or update some bathroom decorations! Adding some decor here and there is one way to really take the space up a notch. You can purchase said shower curtains, rugs, and mats in designs that would complement the style you’re going for. Introducing some greenery in your bathroom could also add some color in the area while making it look more fresh and clean! You can place it on top of your toilet, on some shelves, or even in the vanity. If there are no natural lights in your bathroom, it is best to pick a plant that can adapt to humidity and is not that sensitive.

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