5 Ideas To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Michael Foster
May 04, 2024
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The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. Having a renovated, expensive-looking bathroom adds value to your home and makes you comfortable spending time taking long baths. While it is not the priority for renovation for some homeowners with a tight budget, owning a nice bathroom gives you more time to decompress and allows you to unwind from stress by taking long, relaxing baths or a hot shower.

The most significant advantage of remodeling or updating your bathroom is that it raises the market value of your house. In addition to enjoying the new bathroom for yourself, selling the house will also yield a healthy return on your investment. So if you plan on upgrading your house's bathroom, here are some tips and ideas Home Alliance gathered on how to upgrade your bathroom!

Modernize The Flooring

Do you plan on changing your bathroom? Well, the best place to start is the floor. Invest in new bathroom tiles that improve its' aesthetic and give it a clean look that makes you want to take your time showering! Most bathroom tiles are stain, mold, and humidity resistant, with easy-to-clean grout. There are various ways to upgrade your bathroom tiles on a budget, even if you can't afford to retile the entire area. Here's what you can do on the bathroom flooring:
  • Choosing natural stones like granite, porcelain, and marble is best if you want a more classy vibe and are willing to spend on renovations. Gone are the days of old linoleum floors, and witness an elegant change to your bathroom. But why not go a step further? If you are replacing the floors, consider also adding heated flooring.
  • Heated floors aren't expensive to install and add value to your home. Additionally, they can save you on energy costs in the long term as they are more efficient in heating a room than central heating systems. Not to mention, a significant difference in the comfort of your bathroom, especially if you live in a colder place.
  • Most designers like "large-format tiles," as they are more visually appealing and the most popular look right now. There are fewer grout lines, which emphasize the tile more, and they are a great choice to make smaller rooms appear bigger because they have less visual distraction. New technology also allows images and patterns to be printed directly onto the tile, another reason the demand for large-format tiles has grown.

Improve the lightning

Maximizing natural light, carefully positioning fixtures, and selecting the appropriate light bulb for the job are among the many things to consider in improving your bathroom's lighting. Good lighting can impact anyone's mood. Throw away old fluorescent bulbs and use modern LED lights. LEDs are also excellent for lighting, whether a vanity mirror light, the room's primary light, or underlighting at a bathtub's edge.

If you want control over the bathroom lighting, install a dimmer switch. This way, you can adjust the lighting in every part of the house. A light close to cool or bright white makes the area more dazzling and clean-looking. You can also use recessed light fixtures around the mirror to give you the best lighting possible when doing any other task that needs good lighting. Moreover, consider adding lighting for your bathroom shower update; you might find showering more pleasant when appropriately lighted.

Replace your mirrors

Do you know a unique mirror can suffice for the entire look of your bathroom? One of the most noticeable elements of your bathroom is the mirror! Most bathrooms have the traditionally designed square mirror. Replacing your old vanity mirror with a modern and classy one will add a touch of exquisiteness. Buying one that is in style will make your bathroom look even better than it was before.

Not to forget, a bathroom is where everyone is vulnerable and can easily walk without clothing. So it would help if you gave strong thoughts about your comfort zone. Updating the bathroom mirror is a perfect method of making it more attractive. Secondly, classy mirrors don't cost much money, so you can quickly work within a budget.

Don't Forget About Storage

While you might be aiming to create a streamlined spa-like space with your simple bathroom upgrade, remember to include ample storage. Adding storage like baskets, shelves, or over-the-toilet units is a great way to keep the mess contained! Or at least keep it hidden from guests. It would help if you had cabinets, drawers, and shelving to fit all your washroom items comfortably.

Make sure that the storage functions with your day-to-day life as well. For instance, select a shelf with enough storage space to keep items you regularly use at your fingertips. Otherwise, you might find them scattered on your countertops, lowering the looks of your beautiful new bathroom. Going for a neutral color when buying baskets, shelves, and things like that might be a great idea, as it is best to keep them all in one color to have a coordinated look in the small space.

Update your decor

Finally, for small updated bathrooms, add some decorations! Adding some decor is one way to take the space up a notch. You can purchase said shower curtains, rugs, and mats in designs that would complement the style you're going for. Introducing some greenery in your bathroom could also add color to the area while making it look more fresh and clean! You can place it on top of your toilet, on some shelves. If there are no natural lights in your bathroom, it is best to pick a plant that can adapt to humidity and is not that sensitive.

When selecting the finishing touches for your new bathroom, it's essential to make sure they all go together to create a style that fits. For instance, choose towel bars with metallic finishes that correspond with your faucets. And consider buying a slightly more classy soap dispenser than an old plastic one that will look out of place on your brand-new countertop. Furthermore, don't clutter your new bathroom with various random accessories. Try living with the essentials for a little while to see what you need in the space. Then, you can pick items that fit your design preferences and lifestyle.

One Last Tip On How To Make An Old Bathroom Look New

A bathroom update is a quick and inexpensive set of DIY projects that enhance your bathroom's existing characteristics. A bathroom update idea includes projects like painting, changing fixtures and hardware, and hanging a new shower curtain.

One easy bathroom update is to upgrade your bathroom hardware. Bathtubs, faucets, toilet seats, and showers can all be changed to keep up with modern bathroom trends. Bathroom shower upgrades are perhaps the quickest way to make your bathroom feel new. When you replace bathroom hardware, do not forget the following:
  • Shower hooks or rings
  • Towel racks or rings
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Mirror frame
  • Toilet flushing lever
  • Tub spout
  • Shower handle(s)
  • Tub stopper
  • Sinkhole covers

And by installing better bathroom fixtures, you can elevate the look of your bathroom! Match the finish of the fixture that shares a function or space. You can opt to use brass finishes, while gold accents are now in demand. Brushed metal, stainless steel, and nickel are also popular choices.

Recent studies show that homeowners build up the value of their homes through home renovations. And bathrooms are one of the vital areas where they get the highest investment return. While bathroom renovation and trends are constantly growing and evolving, these renovations are the best and most visually appealing that you can do in your bathroom. Home renovations are excellent for adding personality and aesthetics to your home with limitless possibilities. Got your next upgraded bathroom idea? Get more tips by reading our blogs here at Home Alliance!