May 20, 2020

5 Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Appliances


Home appliances have always been an important part of households for quite a long period of time. In fact, the oldest home appliance was purchased in 1946, at least 70 years ago! Combining this with how much technology has changed and improved our lives, it is safe to say they are a very vital part of the activities of almost every household. Nowadays, there are appliances which aim to not only provide comfort and practicality but also luxury. However, usually it comes with a major caveat, the price! Yet there are still several affordable home appliances that will not only add value to the lives of the owners but also a taste of extravagance. This article will list 5 of them which will definitely be worth the money.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Dishwashers are a fantastic addition to any household kitchen due to how much time they save by washing the dishes. Even so, some dishwashers can be loud, some use too much water, some can quite frankly take a while to finish as the average reported time for a complete dishwasher cycle is 2- 4 hours and some can just flat out destroy the aesthetic of the house entirely due to the blandness of their design. Not to worry, if any of these problems are yours there are dishwashers to solve your issues. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, then you can consider the Bosch 800 Series which boasts a sound level of 39 dB which guarantees you will not hear it during its operation. At a price point of $1400 and with a sleek design and smooth finish which will fit in almost any kitchen design while also offering a Speed60 wash cycle which reduces the time to run time to 60 minutes! Combine this with an increased storage space which allows for more dishes and a more through washing option for greasier dishes, it really gives a lot of value for the price.

Samsung Refrigerato

Refrigerators are essential in the kitchen for the preservation of ingredients and food. Therefore, wanting a quality refrigerator is a no brainer. Nevertheless, we would all like fridges with a bit more space, wouldn’t we?  A refrigerator which comes with an integrated water dispenser would also not be bad would it? Or a refrigerator with freezer compartment which can turn into a fridge if extra storage is needed sounds nice right?  This is where the Samsung RF22K9381SR sets itself apart from the rest of its competition.  The Samsung RF22K9381SR comes with an outstanding 22cu. ft of volume and a width of 36 inches. The refrigerator comes with Samsung’s “triple cool system” which aims to provide ultimate freshness by using three evaporators to precisely control the temperature and humidity which will leave your food as fresh as possible. Additionally, it also offers a flex zone which gives you the flexibility to control the temperature in one of the bottom compartments and allows it to become a freezer or fridge depending on what you want.  All that combined with its flexible storage space, integrated wine rack which can be repositioned and a food showcase compartment which allows for quick and easy access to things such as drinks makes this a wonderful refrigerator.

Breville Coffee Maker

    Let’s face it we all have slow mornings. Occasionally we all have those days when we need something extra to kick start the day. This is when a coffee maker comes in handy. Rather than having to go to your local coffee shop for your morning “cup of Joe”, a coffee maker at home will ensure you have your coffee ready to go. Some coffee makers on the market even offer a programmable time to brew coffee which means you can have a cup of coffee waiting for you by the time you wake up.  Some even offer extra storage to ensure that the coffee is kept hot throughout the day. With all this in mind, the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal is an excellent option for a coffee maker. The coffee maker offers an incredibly customized and luxurious experience. It grants the user the ability to make an automatic brew of coffee to exactly their taste. It can then save the brew so that any time you want you can have it precisely how you like it. It also allows for precise control of the temperature and can even make iced coffee for those warmer days when you need to cool off and relax. 

    Jennair CookTop

    Now with all the appliances mentioned there is still an elephant in the “Kitchen” that we have not discussed, and these are cookers and ovens. A cooker is obviously a necessity but the real question is why would you want a luxury cooker or a luxury oven? Well if you can afford it why won’t you is the real question. Better heat control, better heat distribution, more stylish options and so much more.  These all refine the cooking process and allows for increased control in how your food tastes when it is done. All these factors are characteristics of Jennairs’s 5-Burner Gas CookTop.  With all its 5 simmering burners this cooktop offers a lot of cooking control and with Jennairs’ infinite heat control system, this gas cooker is all you would need for years to come. And the oven choice could not be easier with Jennairs Rise 30 inch single wall oven. It comes with the multimode convection system which allows for steady heat to be circulated at all times during use. The oven also comes with an automatic mode which sets the timer for you depending on the type of food and what you plan to do with it. The oven also comes with a rapid preheat mode which allows you to precisely set the temperature in order to preheat the oven quickly and to the right temperature.

    All the appliances in this article were specially made to add luxury elements to your home life and for the prices are still great value of money to you.