5 Ways To Get The Bad Smell Out Of Your Dryer

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Michael Foster
July 12, 2024
Home appliances
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There is no finer sensation than wearing clean clothing or lying in new linens. Contrarily, there is no worse sensation than slipping into beds or garments that smell musty or like gasoline. Yuck!
When your clothing doesn't smell like your preferred detergent, it's alarming. Many people instantly point the finger at the washer when clothing is smelly, but many odors come from the dryer. The Home-Tech appliance repair specialists are here to explain what can produce some of the most typical yet alarming dryer odors. Check this blog post for additional general advice on dealing with your stinky dryer.

Why Does My Dryer Smell?

Finding the smell's source is the first step in getting rid of it when your clothes dryer stinks. The following are the most likely causes of a foul dryer smell:
  • Lack of yearly dryer vent cleaning: This can result in lint buildup in the exhaust vent, restricting airflow. After then, mold and mildew that smells bad grow due to poor circulation. Inadequate airflow may also cause the dryer's poor drying performance.
  • Clothing that smells: Items with odorous stains or sweat don't always get clean in the washing and might carry their odor into the dryer. When the dryer is operating, the warm airflow carries the stench.
  • Invasion by pests: Do you know why my dryer smells like something killed inside? Through the exterior vent aperture, animals can enter the exhaust vent and build a nest in the hose.

Why does the dryer smell like burnt rubber?

There are primarily two reasons for this unpleasant odor. Following the washing and drying directions on garment labels is a suggestion that is frequently forgotten. It's simple to slip into the habit of stuffing all of your clothing into one bag and believing everything will work out. Unbeknownst to you, one of the things in the load may be composed of a synthetic fabric that cannot withstand high temperatures like other materials. You should be fine to go if you lower the temperature or hang dry the item as directed by the care instructions.
Your dryer may be emitting a burned rubber odor for another, slightly more technical cause related to potential wiring short. The dryer's power cord has to be checked for flaws. A frayed or exposed wire might cause the surrounding rubber covering to melt. You'll need a new power cord to replace this one, but be cautious! Turn your dryer fully off while doing this to avoid electrical shock.

Why does the dryer smell Like mildew?

This one is, unfortunately, rather prevalent. You'll never get used to opening your dryer door and being immediately slapped in the face with that musty, moldy scent. Fortunately, there are quick remedies for this common issue. This fragrance typically results from starting the dryer too soon after putting damp clothing in it. We advise you to continue the laundry! Starting the dryer takes a moment, but cleaning a stinking dryer may be quite the hassle.

Why does my dryer smell like something's burning?

Any strange scent emanating from your dryer is bothersome and uncomfortable, but this one has the potential to be harmful. If you start to wonder if the burning smell is coming from your dryer, you need to take immediate action. A specialist will be required to resolve this problem since it may result in a home fire. In this case, you need to get in touch with Home Alliance immediately and cease using the dryer until we figure out where the dangerous odor is coming from.

Why does my dryer smell like a dead animal?

I sincerely hope none of you ever have to smell this. But we can assist you if you've been in this strange and unpleasant situation. While a dead rodent will (hopefully) never be found inside your dryer when you open the door, you could come across one in the dryer vent.
The stench won't go away until the furry companion is located, which is the truth of this situation. We advise thoroughly cleaning the vent system, beginning with the hose at the dryer's rear and working your way outside. If you cannot locate the animal, turn off the dryer and remove the front and back panels. Examine the dryer's innards to find the creature.

Why does my dryer smell like sweaty gym clothes?

If you routinely work out or participate in sports, you undoubtedly have an instant sense of the bad odor of wearing gym gear. But when you take your workout attire out of the dryer, you don't expect it to smell sweaty. Your dryer may smell like sweaty gym clothes because you're left damp, mildewed garments in there for too long. Wet clothing left in the dryer will serve as a mildew breeding ground. Sadly, using the dryer will not eliminate the mildew on your garments; on the contrary, it will worsen the odor.

How to Clean a Dryer

A thorough cleaning and a homemade dryer odor remover may eliminate most dryer odors.
What You'll Need:
  • Rags
  • Towels
  • Vacuum
  • Bleach
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  1. Clean the lint screen by removing it and removing lint that has gathered on it. To get rid of any remaining particles, use a dry towel.
  2. Vacuum the lint trap. Remove any built-up lint and debris in the trap using the vacuum's thin hose attachment.
  3. Mix the cleaning solution: Add 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of bleach. Alternatively, combine warm water and detergent to make a cleaning paste.
  4. Clean the interior and outside of the dryer door and the dryer drum by dipping a towel in the paste or solution. Keep the door ajar to allow the inside to dry thoroughly.
  5. Rinse and dry once more: Wipe off the drum and door with a towel dipped in water to remove the paste or solution. Rely on air to finish drying.
  6. Spray many towels with white vinegar and dry them well to use vinegar to eliminate odors. This can get rid of any remaining bleach or mildew smells.
  7. Disconnect the dryer duct from the appliance and the wall to clean it. Before reconnecting, use the hose attachment to vacuum it out. Remember to vacuum the vent hole on the house's outside as well.
An appliance's outside should be kept clean like its inside. The dryer should be thoroughly cleaned with the same soft cloth that was used to clean the dryer's interior after dipping it in white distilled vinegar. Pay attention to these tiny crevices and nooks since lint can also gather below a dryer's knobs.
You may also put in an exhaust fan in your laundry room to keep bad scents from accumulating.
It's significant to remember that lint buildup can be a fire hazard and a source of mold growth, in addition to producing foul odors.

Other Tips To Prevent Smelly Dryers

If you've tried all of these solutions to get rid of the nasty smells in your dryer, but they haven't worked, there could be obstructions that you can't access or hidden issues.
Lint can accumulate within the dryer drum if a dryer cannot emit the required heat because of a blocked or incorrectly placed hose. It could be required in such a situation to remove parts to conduct a more thorough examination of the dryer, but doing so will violate any manufacturer's warranties, so it's crucial to be aware of how to accomplish this or to get expert assistance.
However, there are ways to prevent the smell from returning that may also increase the lifespan of your dryer if you put in the effort to get rid of it.
  • Do not overfill a dryer. Like any machine, its parts will deteriorate faster the harder it has to operate. There are several little parts in dryers, including pulleys, spindles, belts, and other items, which deteriorate and may fail with repeated usage. Your dryer may be working too hard to dry a load that is too big if the outside of the appliance becomes hot to the touch.
  • Think about air drying. If you have a clothesline, utilizing it relieves the strain on your dryer and lowers your energy usage.
  • Every time, clean the lint filter. Lint accumulation causes the airflow to become blocked, lengthening drying durations and decreasing drying efficiency.
  • Don't use too much soap. While having clean, fresh-smelling clothes is lovely, some soaps and cleaning supplies can leave behind a residue that draws dirt and smells. Keep an eye on how much and what kinds of detergents you use for your washing.
In the end, appliances are expensive purchases that last longer with good maintenance. Home Alliance is ready to address any issues you may have with the performance or operation of any of your appliances. We provide appliance repairs in Los Angeles for all major appliances, so if your dryer is acting strangely or needs plumbing repairs for the water drain, contact us, and we'll figure it out. Be a member today!