5 ways to protect your pets from electrical hazards

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Gina Napsin
July 09, 2024
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Pets are curious animals and could encounter electrical hazards at home. Here are typical electrical risks for pets and how to avoid them.

Securing Loose Cords

Pets may find it attractive to gnaw on loose cords, which could result in electric shocks or even fires. Use cord covers or cable clips to fasten any loose cords, including those from lamps, chargers, and appliances. This will lessen the possibility of mishaps and keep pets away from them.

Using Outlet Covers

Unprotected outlets are dangerous for people and dogs alike. Use plug protectors or outlet covers to keep your pets from poking their noses or paws into sockets. To reduce the chance of electrical shocks, these cheap safety devices are simple to install into outlets and can be used to restrict access.

Keeping Curious Pets Away from Electrical Appliances

Due to their innate curiosity, pets - especially kittens and puppies - may be drawn to electrical gadgets. Make sure that no electrical appliance is within their grasp to protect them. For instance, it's imperative to unplug and store away gadgets like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers while not in use if you have a pet that enjoys exploring kitchen worktops.

Never leave a portable heater unattended

A comfortable, warm space in your house is the best place for your pet to take a nap. Pets should not play with portable heaters since they could tip them over or even burn themselves from the intense heat. Use blankets or turn up the thermostat to keep your pets warm and comfortable while also enhancing the electrical safety of your house.

Don’t forget about maintaining a safe play area

The majority of pets enjoy being outside, especially in pleasant weather, and your yard is a great area for them to play, unwind, and amuse themselves as well as you. You can keep your pet as safe and happy as possible by providing them with an enjoyable and secure environment.
Pet safety requires a well-anchored fence. There are numerous choices available, such as conventional fences or electronic barrier fences, sometimes known as invisible fences. An outlet specifically designed for these fences needs to be installed, either outside your home or in your garage.
Furthermore, it's critical to store the cables from appliances like hair dryers and irons neatly out of the way to prevent pets from chewing on them or unintentionally pulling the devices off surfaces.
Keep in mind that your pets' safety comes first, and by following these safety precautions, you can help avoid mishaps and provide a safe environment in which they can flourish.