6 Tips To Keep Your Appliances Running Well

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Gina Napsin
March 31, 2023
Home appliances
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If you take just a little time to learn more about your home appliances, you will avoid many potential problems. Here are 6 great tips to keep your appliances running well.

It can be very frustrating to see your fridge shut down right after you restocked it or to see your laundry room flooded because the washing machine broke down during a cycle. If you take just a little time to learn more about your home appliances, you will avoid many potential problems. Here are 6 great tips to keep your appliances running well.

Keep your fridge full and clean

As both your fridge and freezer work by cooling the air inside, lessening the quantity of air they have to cool will improve their efficiency. If you don’t have enough groceries to fill the space, then you should place some water bottles inside. You should also make sure that these appliances are clean at all times to maintain proper system functionality. Cleanliness will assure you that don’t have any problems with germs.

Don't keep your dishwasher on during the night

Some people keep their appliances on during the night in to save on energy bills. Certain energy suppliers offer lower rates during off-peak hours. Although this may seem like a good opportunity to save a few bucks, you should think twice before doing that. Boosted heaters that newer dishwashers are equipped with tend to be problematic from a safety point of view. If you don't keep an eye on your dishwasher, it can easily malfunction and catch on fire. The optimal temperature you want to maintain in the tank's thermostat is about 120 degrees. This is the right way to save on energy as well.

Keep heat-producing appliances away from your air conditioning thermostat

If you have any lamps or other appliances that produce heat while they’re on, be sure to keep them away from the AC thermostat. They will drag more energy out of your air conditioner, causing it to cool down the home temperature more than needed.

Use the maximum potential of your washing machine

Your washer will use the same amount of electricity whether it’s empty or full, so be sure to pack the whole load. A good way to save energy is switching from hot water to warm or cold since water heaters consume over 80% of energy while this appliance is working. Unless you have some grease stains, cold water will properly do the cleaning as well.

Don't overfill your vacuum cleaner bags

If you don’t empty your vacuum cleaner bags when they’re at capacity, the performance of this appliance will suffer. This can lead to your vacuum cleaner overheating, which may permanently damage it. You should check the bag whenever you see that this appliance isn’t running properly. If it doesn’t have as much suction, then the bag is probably just overfilled.

Clean your air conditioner filter

Most people don’t clean their air conditioner filter often. However, if the filter gets dirty, it will not only restrict airflow but it will reduce both energy efficiency and the appliance’s lifespan. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, you will need to clean the filter every two to four weeks.

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