Are Double Ovens Worth It?

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Michael Foster
June 13, 2024
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Even though double ovens have been out for a little over 50 years, curiosity can still bring up the question “is this for me?”. We are here to discuss if it is right for you as well as the pros and cons.
  • Flexibility
You have the ability to cook multiple dishes at once at different temperatures.
  • Space
Obviously, what comes with two ovens is more space which is ideal if you're entertaining or have a larger family.
  • Features
New and advanced features such as convection cooking, therefore, can cook multiple dishes at once evenly consistently.
  • Energy Saving
Being able to cook multiple dishes at once means less time required to have your oven turned on, therefore, saving energy as well as saving money on your electricity bill.
  • Size
Double ovens are typically large and bulky, which typically end up not being the best for smaller kitchens. They also usually offer less inside cooking space than traditional ovens.
  • Cost
Ovens of this nature are not only a significant investment due to the technology they possess but they also would have to be installed if it were to be a custom kitchen.
  • Shorter height
These ovens will usually be significantly shorter in height. Be sure the study the one you are entertaining in purchasing.
  • Drawer and Broil Feature
Now not everyone may utilize these options, but they definitely would be missed come the day you need them.
As one can see, determining if a double oven is right for you isn’t necessarily something to decide sporadically. It requires critical thinking and lifestyle changes from the traditional method.