Are Your Appliances Ready For The Holidays?

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Gina Napsin
May 14, 2024
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With the cold winter air finally starting to breeze in, you should start preparing for the holidays! Whether you celebrate Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday, you can be sure that your oven and other kitchen appliances will be put to good use over the coming few months.
That’s why preparing your appliances for the holidays is an ideal way to welcome the approaching occasions. Check out Home Alliances’ tips on how you can prepare your appliances for the holidays.
1. Test your appliances
A few days before the main holiday feast, give all of your kitchen appliances a quick test run. If you don't, you can find yourself without a functioning oven and unable to cook your turkey when Thanksgiving morning comes around. Testing your appliances may help you resolve any potential issues before the main holiday.

2. Clean your appliances
No homeowner would want their guests to see dust, grease and other icky dirt in their appliances when the holiday season comes up. That’s why it’s best to wipe the inside and outside of frequently used appliances, as well as those that are rarely used.

3. Prepare your refrigerator and freezer
Tons of groceries and leftovers are to be expected when it’s the holiday season. Decluttering your refrigerator and freezer would help you get rid of foods that has been in there for too long. Don’t forget to wipe any stickiness and dirt away from the shelves, drawers and even the door of the refrigerator. This way you could have a clean and spacious fridge to store in your ingredients for the holidays.

4. Prepare the kitchen utensils
Ensure that your knives are sharpened, pans are cleaned, and the oven is working properly before the big holiday feasts. This would give you less worries while preparing meals the day of. If you can, you should cook a tasty meal the day before to make sure that all utensils and appliances are doing their jobs.
5. Stock the wine fridge
A holiday without wine is torture! Don’t forget to stock up some wine while making a list to buy for the holidays.