Top 4 Best Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

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Gina Napsin
March 14, 2023
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Energy efficiency is more important than style for today's consumers. It's not just about saving money on your utility bills. Users of light bulbs are also concerned about energy conservation and environmental protection. Light bulbs that are energy-efficient are a low-cost, high-reward upgrade that can save both energy and money. Unlike other energy-efficiency upgrades, replacing incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs does not necessarily require any infrastructure or electrical modifications (they use the same sockets) and is a simple process. So, which bulbs are the most cost-effective? Let’s find out!

Best LED light bulbs: Sylvania LED light bulbs

Light Type: LED Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor, Indoor

Wattage: 8.5 watts Light Color: Soft White (2700)

Sylvania's LED bulbs come in three output ratings (40-, 60-, and 75-watt equivalents) and eight color temperatures, offering a fresh take on the classic light bulb. These Energy Star Certified bulbs have an estimated 11,000-hour lifespan, which means you won't have to replace them for years. These aren't dimmable, but they are shatter- and shock-resistant, and they don't require any warm-up time.

Best smart bulbs: Philips Hue smart bulb

Light Type: LED Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor, Indoor

Light Color: White

These Bluetooth-enabled bulbs work just like regular LED bulbs, but they're a lot smarter. With the touch of a button on your mobile device, you can toggle hue and brightness features. With the Philips Hue Hub and the Philips Hue app, you can control up to 10 lights in one room and up to 50 lights throughout your entire home. Alexa or Google Assistant can turn on and customize each smart bulb, and it's compatible with all Echo smart speakers and displays, as well as Google Nest.

The bulbs come in two sizes: 60-watt and 75-watt equivalent. They are Energy Star certified and have a lifespan of 22 years or 25,000 hours.

Best dimmable lights: GE relax dimmable warm white

Light Type: LED Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Wattage: 8.5 watts Light Color: Relax SoftWhite

These are perfect for creating warm, dimmable lighting in bedrooms, foyers, family rooms, and dining rooms. A warm 2700K color temperature eliminates the sterile, harsh lighting that many LEDs produce. These all-purpose bulbs work with most dimmers and have a 13-year lifespan when used for three hours each day.

Best CFL light bulbs: Philips indoor CFL light bulbs

Light Type: CFL Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Wattage: 23 Light Color: Bright White

Indoor CFL Light Bulbs from Philips provide 100-watt equivalent illumination from a 23-watt bulb. For an even lower environmental impact, these CFL bulbs are made with recycled glass and recycled packaging materials. The sunrise-like color simulates the sunrise, making it ideal for naturally waking up and starting your day. They are Energy Star certified and will last for more than nine years if used for three hours per day.

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