Cleaning hacks for stainless steel appliances

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Gina Napsin
April 12, 2024
Home appliances
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The attractiveness of stainless steel appliances cannot be disputed. Smudges, though, are stainless steel's main drawback. Despite your best efforts, fingerprints can readily smudge the smooth surface, turning your lovely refrigerator into a shambles of smudges. Another issue arises while attempting to remove the prints since sometimes soap and water are insufficient.
What then will restore the gleam to your stainless steel appliances? To determine for sure, we put these well-known stainless steel cleaning tips to the test.

Olive Oil and Vinegar

For keeping their stainless-steel equipment clean, many people vouch for the straightforward solution of vinegar and olive oil.
1: Fill a fresh spray bottle with white vinegar.
2. Wipe down your stainless steel equipment.
3: Use a microfiber towel to clean up.
4: After being well cleaned, dunk your cloth in some olive oil.
5. Move the fabric in the grain's direction. This will give your appliance a deep shine and get rid of any lingering streaks or marks.

Club Soda

1: Fill a clean spray bottle with club soda.
2. Wipe down your stainless steel equipment.
3: To clean and shine your equipment, rub the cloth in the direction of the grain.

Baby Oil and Dish Soap

You can also clean your stainless-steel appliances with regular dish soap.
1. Use dish soap to clean the equipment.
2. Apply some baby oil in a thin layer on a microfiber cloth.
3: To clean and shine your equipment, move the cloth in the direction of the grain.
When you keep the surfaces clean, stainless steel appliances may give your kitchen a bright appearance. Real stainless steel readily absorbs smudges and fingerprints, which makes this difficult.
Your stainless steel appliances will glisten with brilliance thanks to these innovative cleaning tips, effortlessly enhancing the appearance of your kitchen. Accept the simplicity and effectiveness of these methods to keep your appliances truly a reflection of elegance and class. Bring the attraction of pristine stainless steel into your house and bid smudges and fingerprints goodnight.