4 Common Problems Your Cooktop Might Face

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Mark Jardine
May 14, 2024
Home appliances
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Having a broken oven or cooktop in the middle of the evening when you're making dinner for your family is a huge inconvenience. You want your range fixed as quickly as possible. Nearly all of us have experienced some kind of problem with our gas stoves. Most of these typical cooktop issues are simple to remedy at home with minimal caution.

Surface burner won’t light

Problem: The most frequent problem with a gas stove is a surface burner that just won't light. Either the burner portholes are blocked or the pilot light has been extinguished could be the problem.
Solution: Check to see that your gas stove is plugged in and that no circuit breakers have tripped if it has an electric igniter. If you hear a clicking sound but can't smell gas, the ignition switch is probably to blame; if you can smell gas but can't hear the clicking sound, the gas flow is probably the problem.

Weak burner flame

Problem: Your burner's flame apertures may become blocked with debris over time, which could result in a weak or absent flame. Another cause of a weaker burner flame could be a lack of gas or air reaching the burner.
Solution: We advise removing the burner caps, soaking them in hot, soapy water in the sink, and using a toothpick to clear any food or other debris from the gas valves. If you believe there is an airflow problem, you should adjust the air shutter; however, if you believe there is a gas flow issue, you should contact a professional delivering gas stove services.

Noisy surface burner flame

Problem: On a gas stove, a noisy flame indicates that either too much gas or too much air is reaching the burner.
Solution: Leave it to the experts to figure out how much gas is being released, but adjust the air shutter to check if the air is the issue.

Stovetop keeps clicking

Problem: This usually happens when something is blocking the burner.
Solution: Verify that the burner cap is not out of position and that nothing is obstructing the openings. Use a paperclip or another thin, metal implement to remove any food or other debris from the burner. If it persists, the cooktop may have too much moisture trapped inside it. To absorb some of the leftover water or grease that may have spilled, try wiping the cooktop with a towel or even blowing air over the cooking surface.
Your stove top will function normally once again after using these suggestions. Contact our technicians to ensure you get the best repair service, replacement parts, and new appliances available if your cooktop does turn out to need significant repairs or if it's time for an appliance upgrade.