5 Best Tips On Home Decor Hacks To Help You Save Money

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Michael Foster
July 11, 2024
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Every homeowner knows and appreciates the importance of home decor. It is basically the personality of a home. We’ve all had that dream at some point in our lives of getting our houses styled by an A-list interior designer probably after watching a tour of our favorite celeb’s home, but let’s face it, we don’t all have celebrity money.
Our minds are trained to think that price is an indicator of whether something is nice or not but, it is possible to have your home looking like something out of an upscale magazine without having to pay huge sums of money to achieve it. That’s why we have prepared 5 great home décor hacks that will satisfy not only your inner designer but your bank account as well.

1. DIY key rack

I know we’ve all been in this scenario before, you come back home from a long day at work or school and you drop your house, office, or car keys somewhere. Now it’s the next day and you’ve spent an hour looking for your keys. Now you have two options, either go to your nearest hardware or furniture store and buy a boring generic key rack, or you could make one with items that you probably have in your home. You will need a piece of wood, 4 old keys, 2 pliers, screws, adhesive nails, and a drill.
  • Use one of the pliers to hold the key steady and the other to bend it upwards to create a curved look. Do this with all four keys
  • Put the screws through the small circle in the keys and using a screwdriver, attach them to the wooden board
  • Drill a hole in the back of the wooden board
  • Then stick the adhesive nail to the wall and but the wooden board through it
There you have it, a trendy key rack, to avoid the stress of always looking for your keys.

2. Turn bed sheets into curtains

Aren’t you tired of looking at the same old curtains you’ve had since you moved into your home? Unfortunately, curtains are certainly not cheap. Not to worry though, cause we’re about to show you how you can turn your favorite bed sheets into beautiful curtains.
  • Get a flatbed sheet with a wide top hem.  If you want very full curtains, get two twin-sized sheets, if you want scanty curtains, cut one twin-sized sheet (66 by 96inches) in half and for standard curtains, cut one full-sized sheet (81 by 96inches) in half.
  • Wash, dry, and iron the sheets to make them wrinkle-free.
  • Cut the sheet in two, if you need to do so.
  • Use a seam ripper to open both ends of the top hem on each side of the sheet. Doing this will create the holes which the curtain rod will enter through (do not open any other part of the hem's seam, just the sides). If you don’t want to do that step, you could just skip ahead and use a clip on curtain ring to attach the sheets to the curtain rod.
  • If you decide to undo the top hem, tuck the ripped seams into the hem for a neater lock. Then, press flat with an iron.
  • Lastly, slide the rod into the hems and hang your curtains

3. Hang fabric or wallpaper in a frame

Paintings are a great and easy way to add a bit more elegance to your home. However, we all simply can’t afford to buy them. So, here’s a fun little hack for you. All you need is a fabric or wallpaper with a nice and chic design, and a frame.
  • Lift the tabs on the rear of the frame and remove the backing. (Remove any papers or stickers the frame came with).
  • Use the backing to measure the fabric or wallpaper
  • Cut the fabric or wallpaper to fit the frame
  • Finally, you could use a light adhesive spray or some glue to attach the fabric to the front part of the backing
  • Then slide the backing back into the frame and put the tabs back

4. Paint the insides of lampshades

Bored of the ambiance in a room? One quick and easy way to change it is by painting the interior of a lampshade whatever color you want depending on your mood. This is a straightforward process.
  • First of all, it is advisable to sand the interior of the lampshade, to give the paint a better surface to adhere to.
  • Then you use the paint that corresponds to the type of material the lampshade is made from. For example, if it is made from plastic, use paint designed for plastic. If it is made out of craft or textile, use paint used for textile
If you are the artistic type you could even add subtle designs like stars or hearts which would make a pretty reflection when the light is turned on.

5. Teapots into vases

Flowers are such simple decorations yet they can change up the whole atmosphere of a home. However, we can’t just leave them lying around. Regardless of whether they are real or fake, flowers need a vase to complement them. Instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive vase (which the kids might break anyway), we could use a household item that’s been hiding right under our noses all this time, teapots. Since the introduction of kettles most people hardly use teapots, so there’s a high chance you probably have one you abandoned somewhere in a cupboard from a tea set. Now is it’s time to shine
Cut the stems of the flowers (not completely) and hold them together using a hair tie so that they do not separate. Then put them in a teapot or teacup of your choice. Don’t forget to put water in if the flowers are real.
Decor could make or break your home. So, start making smart and budget-friendly choices.