How can you stay safe from electrical hazards during a storm?

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Gina Napsin
May 14, 2024
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The safety of our homes becomes our top priority as storms approach. It is crucial to understand and implement preventive measures to protect your appliances and your home from power surges and lightning strikes.
Learn to reduce electrical hazards and stay safe during bad weather.
  1. Stay indoors during storms: To protect yourself from electrical hazards during stormy weather, you should always take cover indoors. Power lines can fall due to severe winds and lightning strikes, posing a safety risk. To keep secure, locate a strong structure or a safe place inside your house.
  2. Avoid using electrical appliances: It is advisable to avoid using electrical appliances during storms, especially ones that are not surge-protected. Unplugging electronics such as TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances can guard against harm from power surges brought on by lightning strikes or broken power lines.
  3. Stay away from water: Since water is an excellent electrical conductor, it's crucial to stay away from any water during a storm. This includes avoiding areas inside your home that are damp, such as lakes and pools. It's also imperative to refrain from utilizing electrical appliances or gadgets in damp environments or with moist hands.
  4. Do not touch power lines: Never touch or try to move a fallen power line that you come across during or after a storm. Any downed electricity line should always be considered dangerous and live. Report the problem right away by getting in touch with emergency services or your local utility provider.
  5. Have a backup power source: It is important to have a backup power source, such as a generator or battery-powered equipment, in case of a power outage during stormy weather. This can supply vital electricity for necessities like lighting, phone charging, and running required medical equipment.
By taking safety precautions such as using surge protectors, unplugging equipment, and monitoring your electrical system, you can prepare yourself to withstand storms with confidence and peace of mind. May your home remain a haven, shielded from the electrical challenges that storms may bring, even as the skies open up. Be alert, stay prepared, and stay safe during any weather event. Here's to the protection and security of your home until the storm passes.