How To Avoid An Air Conditioner Breakdown

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Michael Foster
July 09, 2024
Air Duct Cleaning
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Air conditioners can make wonders during summer, but be aware because they can show breakdowns sometimes. Even if you make regular maintenance to your AC, surprises happen and these are very uncomfortable. If you intend to use and run your air conditioner intensively, try these 6 tips. You will avoid unexpected breakdowns and the hassle of a system repair.

1. Your air filter should be clean

One common reason, why an air conditioner could break down is a dirty air filter. It is known that dirty filters block the airflow, which causes the system to overwork. Cleaning or even better changing your filter every month or every two months will lower the chance of a breakdown.

2. Perform maintenance services to your air conditioner

It is recommended to schedule annual maintenance services to your A/C in the spring season. Maintenance services contain basic tasks and inspections to make sure that everything is working perfectly. With this method, you are not only preventing breakdowns in the summer, but you are extending the life of your air conditioner and you are ensuring a proper operation.

3. Check your air conditioner for any leaks

Take a look at the area around your air conditioner. If you notice any leaking, you should call immediately a professional, to inspect and repair the problem. One common cause of AC breakdowns is clogged condensation drain lines.

4. Check if your air vents are not blocked

Closing your air vents can throw your system’s balance out of order and lead to operational issues. Make sure that your vents are open, clear from any obstructions to avoid possible breakdowns.

5. Keep the area around your outside and inside unit clear

Make sure that the area around your outside air conditioning unit is clear so it can breathe. Cut the grass, remove any branches and trim the bushes. Do the same for the indoor unit. This process prevents dirt buildup, which could lead to breakdowns.

6. Replace your system when it is the right time

It is important to know when it is time to replace your system. Especially if your system is starting to get older. As you may know as well, the harder an air conditioner unit is working, the more likely is to overheat and break down. You can consider also to use thermostat settings in order not to shut down the system completely off. You will have to ask for professional help about this, so you can receive the best recommendations.
These tips are the easiest way to increase the efficiency of your system and lower at the same time the chance of a breakdown.