How to Choose the Right Showerhead for Your Bathroom

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Mark Jardine
May 31, 2024
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Showering after a stressful, rushed day is one of the best feelings. It is one of most efficient ways on getting cleaned and relaxed without having to spend extra for a bathtub. But with renovations and change in mind, choosing the best showerhead for your bathroom is unexpectedly hard.
There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of showerhead designs to choose from. Having the best showerhead for your bathroom consists of being efficient in rushed mornings, and relaxing in after-work evenings. That’s why Home Alliance is here to help you say yes to the showerhead that will surely be best for your bathroom!

Things to Consider

Although a small renovation, it's best to keep in mind that buying a new showerhead for your bathroom should include features that you would want in the long run such as the water pressure, spray pattern, water consumption, and more.
So, before you spend your money on a showerhead that wouldn’t want you to want in the near future, here are some things you should consider before buying a new showerhead:
  • Water Pressure. Different showerheads equals to different water pressures. Rain showerhead is known for having low water pressure. In contrast, there is also other showerheads known to maximize strong and high water pressure.
  • Spray Pattern. The majority of showerheads now offers different spray pattern options, including wide, targeted, rinse, and pulsating. Try finding out what pattern you like best, and find the showerhead with that option.
  • Right Look and Style. Be sure that the showerhead you’re picking is not just efficient, but also matches the aesthetics of your home and bathroom!
  • Features. Find out whether you want some features for your showerhead! Including but not limited to LED Lights, spray pattern options, and more.
  • Versatility. Ensure that your new showerhead is not only relaxing, but also versatile for during rushed mornings.
  • Space. Choose the showerhead that maximizes the space in your bathroom.
  • Budget. This is the most important thing to consider when buying a new showerhead! Make sure that your new showerhead not only exceeds your budget, but also maximizes it.

Types of Showerheads

Many homeowners are not aware of it, but there are many, many showerhead options and types on the market. Here are some of the types of showerheads available on the market:
  • Fixed Showerheads
Fixed, or wall-mounted, showerheads are the standard showerhead commonly seen in many homes. These are attached to the wall, and some don’t have options for spray patterns. However, these are the most affordable type and easiest to install.
  • Handheld Showerheads
Handheld showerheads are more versatile compared to wall-mounted ones. This type commonly has spray pattern options and can be removed from the wall, making it more reliable for homeowners with children and pets. However, this can be more pricey compared to fixed showerheads.
  • Rain Showerheads
Rain, or ceiling, showerheads are the most in-trend showerhead option on the market. This is known for covering a large surface of your body, like taking a shower in the rain. However, this type is notorious for having low water pressure.
  • Dual Showerheads
If you can’t seem to decide between handheld and rain or fixed showerheads, then dual may be for you. This is a shower system with multiple showerheads, operated with a turn of a lever. Allowing you to have a combination of stream types and different angles. However, this is typically not recommended for small shower areas, and is more expensive than your commonly known showerheads.
If you still can’t decide on what you want for your bathroom, we suggest that you bring your old showerhead to the store and ask for a similar o different one!