How to Choose the Right Size and Capacity for Your Thanksgiving Turkey Oven

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Michael Foster
April 17, 2024
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There are a few things to take into account while selecting the appropriate oven size for your Thanksgiving feast. These include how many people you plan to serve, how much leftover food you want, and how long your dishes will take to cook.
You might choose a smaller oven if you are hosting fewer people. A medium-sized turkey can still fit in a tiny oven, giving you a superb centerpiece for your dinner. To accommodate a larger turkey or several smaller turkeys, you might need a larger oven if you're hosting a larger gathering.
Cooking several little turkeys offers benefits. First of all, it may guarantee that each person receives a delicious, soft piece of meat. Smaller turkeys are less likely to overcook or dry out the meat since they cook more evenly. You can also try different flavors and cooking techniques by roasting multiple turkeys. One turkey may be roasted using conventional seasonings, while another could be roasted using a special spice rub.
It's crucial to remember that larger turkeys will often take longer to cook than smaller ones when it comes to cooking times and temperature modifications. Generally speaking, a turkey should be cooked at 325°F (163°C) and given about 15 minutes of cooking time for every pound. But this can change based on the oven and the size of the turkey.
Let's take an example where you have a twelve-pound turkey. By applying the rule of 15 minutes per pound, you would arrive at a three-hour cooking period. To ensure doneness, it is always advised to use a meat thermometer. The thickest part of the turkey's thigh should register 165°F (74°C) inside.
If you are planning to cook multiple smaller turkeys, you can adjust the cooking time accordingly. For instance, if you are cooking two 8-pound turkeys, it may take roughly two hours and forty minutes to cook them thoroughly.
However, keep in mind that these cooking times are not exact, so it is always better to follow a reliable recipe or consult a trustworthy source for precise instructions based on your oven and bird size.