How To Clean A Dirty Cooktop Without Scratching It

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Michael Foster
June 17, 2024
Home appliances
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In recent years, re-engineered stones such as resin-bound quartz crystals, which we now know as granite, have become more popular. They mimic their natural nature while remaining reasonably priced. A hefty dose of liquid dish detergent and warm water is usually sufficient to keep your countertop looking brand new. Yet, it is not always sufficient.
The following step would be a non-abrasive sponge and a dab of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide:
1. Make sure you can use soap and water. Most countertops can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Make sure your countertop is made of the right material. The following countertops can be cleaned with mild dish soap and water.
  • Granite
  • Laminate
  • Corian
  • Concrete
  • Marble
2. Go for a gentle cleaning rag or sponge. After making sure dish soap and water are appropriate for your counter type, select your cleaning pad. To minimize damage such as scratches, I'd utilize a gentle rag or sponge. Go towards a more non-abrasive rag or sponge. Don't use scrub pads, as these can scratch a countertop.
3. Be sure to remove all debris and wipe down your counter. Mix a small amount of liquid dish soap with warm water. Douse your sponge or rag in the soap. Soft bristle toothbrushes may also be used to get hard-to-reach spots. Wring out a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the countertop to leave it looking clean and shiny.
Utilizing chemicals is generally unnecessary every time and must be done sparingly. Usually, soapy water is the best option. Always use chemicals only as a last resort.