How to Clean Oil from Oven

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Michael Foster
May 24, 2024
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Leftover cooking oils and food spatter can accumulate over time in the bottom of an oven. Those oil stains may release foul-smelling smoke and soot when you cook and bake additional things at high heat.
Delaying this task will result in the grease in the oven accumulating and making your appliance exceedingly unsanitary. But if you deal with oil and grease stains immediately, you can avoid, or at the very least reduce the likelihood of, this terrifying scenario happening.
  1. The oven must first be disconnected from the main power source and allowed to finish cooling before continuing.
  2. The next step is removing oven racks, trays, bakeware, or other cooking equipment from the oven's cavity. But before doing so, make sure you have read the manufacturer's instructions. This makes cleaning the oven simple for you.
  3. Using a plastic spatula, you must now remove all of the grease and oil stains from the oven's bottom. Use paper towels to remove any dirt or food fragments from the oven.
  4. The next step in removing oil from an oven after removing the large waste items and particles is to spray some degreaser on all the oil stains and marks, but only after reading the directions. Wait until the solution has completely dissolved the oil spots before using a plastic scouring ball to remove them. Use a paper towel to remove both the released stains and any remaining spray.
  5. Next, dab a few drops of mild dish detergent on a paper towel. Use this cloth to scrub the oven's bottom surface and remove any degreaser residue. Take a fresh, moist paper towel at this point to completely clean the detergent. Be sure to leave the oven door open for around 30 minutes so that all the moisture and smells may escape.
  6. Run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven if it has one if you still see any oil streaks or marks. Once this is finished, use a paper towel to wipe away any ash or oil flecks that might still be present.
If you want to remove burnt-on grease from the oven, use baking soda, though it would take a little longer. Here's how you use baking soda to get grease that has burned off.
  1. Three tablespoons of baking soda should be added to an empty spray container, filled with water and thoroughly mixed.
  2. Ensure that the oven is cold and off. Spray the problematic regions on the top and side of the oven to get rid of the burned-on oil.
  3. Take a night off. The grease buildup should have detangled and started to slip to the oven floor the following day.
  4. If grease still appears, repeat step 2 between meals (again, ensure the oven is completely cold).
  5. With a moist towel, remove the grease from the oven's bottom.
Even though these are the greatest do-it-yourself techniques for removing grease from an oven, you'll need professional deep-clean systems to eliminate thick, tenacious oven grease. Unfortunately, DIY techniques can only effectively remove grease and dirt from the surface. A professional oven clean is your best bet to restore your oven to "as-good-as-new" condition while entirely removing grease and filth.