How To Use Your Smart Lights

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Michael Foster
February 28, 2023
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Smart lights are so "in" right now! With their many benefits to our home and environment, you just have to have them. You have therefore added smart lighting to your house. What's next? Yes, you can use an app to turn on and off the lights. Their skills, however, go well beyond that.

Home Alliance made you a list of just what to do with and how to use them!

Have the lights greet you at home

Some smart-lighting systems can turn your lights off and on depending on where your phone is! Awesome, right?! It’s in the system of some smart light brands and is simple to set up! No more walking into a dark home.

Use the Smart Lights to set the mood

Another neat hack we mentioned is scenes. With your new smart lights, you can use them for particular situations and activities like viewing movies, reading throughout the day or at night, hosting dinner parties, etc.

Turn off the lights when you go

Do you recall turning off the lights? Doesn't matter. With Smart Lights, once you and your connected phone step out the door, you may program your smart lights to turn off automatically.

Flow with the music

Make your next party especially memorable by timing the color and brightness changes of your Smart Lights to the music.

Sync lights and television

In addition to synchronizing your lights and music, you can use Smart Lights to mirror what is on your TV. For instance, the lighting might change to blue during a tranquil undersea scene.

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