HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

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Mark Jardine
July 09, 2024
Heating & Cooling
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Pets like cats, dogs, and even hamsters offer warm, unconditional love, which is something we, humans, want. Additionally, they offer an endless supply of pet hair. Pet hair results when your dog or cat rolls on the carpet because you adore them.
Pet hair can greatly impact the air quality in your house, especially if an allergic person is living there. Vacuuming cannot completely remove pet fur or their natural dander from the air. You may aid in stemming the tide of fur drift by using your HVAC. However, HVAC upkeep is necessary to keep your system and air quality in good shape while your furry buddy sheds.

Brush your pet often

Pet brushing regularly keeps your home's air system clean. Pet hair that hasn't been brushed can go into the HVAC system and clog the filter in your air conditioner. You should also consider brushing your pet's fur outside, where it will be carried away by the wind, rather than building up inside your house.

Vacuum your home frequently.

Your indoor air intake also draws in hair and dander. Because it draws all the dust and allergens into the filter, the HVAC cycle will result in better household air quality, which you want. By collecting as much pet hair with the vacuum as you can instead, you can extend the lifespan of each filter. Along with giving your pet a daily brushing, vacuum at least twice a week to remove all the hair that has fallen into the carpet and furnishings.

Increase the frequency of air filter changes.

The smart assumption is that your filters will fill up more quickly than they would in a typical fur-free household, reducing the estimated time between filter changes if you know that there is a source of filter-clogging material in the home (pet hair and dander). Keep an eye on your filters for evidence that they are topped up with pet hair, and it's time for a change if your filters or HVAC are rated for one new filter every three months. Try every two months or two and a half months.

Annual HVAC upkeep

If you have pets in your home, routine HVAC maintenance is essential. Pet hair is obviously expected to be present throughout any home with pets. It ultimately has an impact on your HVAC system. An expert will typically conduct an inspection during maintenance, after which it will be decided which minor problems need to be fixed. Registering for a tune-up at least twice a year is advised. A technician should be informed that you have dogs so they can check to see if the fur is obstructing the HVAC system.
Overall, practicing HVAC maintenance for pet owners benefits the HVAC system itself and promotes a healthier and more comfortable living space for both pets and their owners.