Interesting Facts About Washing Machines

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Michael Foster
December 04, 2022
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It is difficult to imagine modern life without washing machines. It gives us more time to ourselves, eliminating the most demanding home task from our shoulders. Most people place their clothes in the washing machine, add detergent, and let them wash. But, it turns out that washing machines are more interesting than we might initially think.

Vinegar cleans your machine

Vinegar is your best bet for a quick and thoroughly clean if your washing machine isn't running as it should - mainly if you live in an area filled with calcium water. You just need to put two cups of white vinegar into your washing machine without any clothes or other detergent and run a regular wash. You'll be amazed at the results after one cycle.

Kill germs with hot water

Many people will recommend washing all of your bedsheets, clothing, and other items if someone has been sick in your home. Do not, however, wash them in cold water (unless it is detrimental to the fabric). While cold water will suffice for a regular load of laundry, washing clothes and bedsheets in hot water will kill more germs. In addition, the heat kills germs and reduces the chances of anyone else getting sick.

Responsible for your lost socks

Socks can get stuck under the agitator (the pole in the middle of the washer) or the wash plate in top-loading machines (the central piece in the bottom of the tub). Socks can also get pushed into the area between the inner and outer tubs if the washer is overloaded. You will never see them again once that happens.

Some socks get caught in the filter of front-loading washers. Open the clean-out area on your washing machine and look for socks. Socks can also become stuck in the rubber gasket of the door.

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