Must Have Kitchen Appliances In 2023

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Mark Jardine
June 03, 2024
Home appliances
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As technology progresses, so do our preferences. With new technology being released every year, one has to consider if it is finally time to purchase one of these electronic inventions. Here are some of the coolest appliances that will be released this year!

GE Profile Smart Mixer

In collaboration with KitchenMaid, this smart mixer can precisely measure ingredients, identify if anything needs to be stirred more, or even provide one last "oomf" if necessary. It can also be linked to your phone's app for recipe tracking.

LG's MoodUp

A refrigerator that syncs with your music playlist is a first of its type. It cycles between colors when the bass and pace change. Using instaview technology, a simple knock on the door turns off the privacy glass, giving you a full interior view of your fridge without having to open the door. It has its own auto-detecting technology that allows it to develop a routine around you. It can detect your approach and provides a soft amber light for that late-night snacking.

Samsung's AI Wall Oven

This innovative gadget has the capability of taking a picture of the dish you're making and instantaneously uploading it to social media. With its AI function, it can detect up to 80 meals and recommend an appropriate temperature, duration, and cooking mode, as well as deliver reminders to assist prevent your food from burning.

Smart cutting boards

At first appearance, one might be surprised to learn that a smart cutting board exists. What if I told you this device has a screen attached to it so you can broadcast your live cooking show on social media? Yeah, this exists, and while it may not be cheap, it is very self-explanatory why it has made our list.