Organizing Tips For The Pantry That Save Time And Money

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Michael Foster
May 14, 2024
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No matter the size, keeping your pantry organized is a constant struggle. With frequent use by multiple household members and numerous items of different sizes, it’s no wonder objects go unseen and unused. What are some pantry hacks that bring order to the chaos? Storing items in clear, labeled bins allows you to better see all your inventory. Try these pantry organization hacks as inexpensive but effective solutions for your food storage space.
  • Door shelf racks
To increase space in your pantry or closet door, add a shelf rack. If shelves aren’t practical for your door, adding hooks would also be a viable option.
  • Store Containers
You can instantly organize and order your pantry with storage bins. In addition to being visually appealing, it is also instantly recognizable. It could also make things like creating grocery lists much easier.
  • Utilize a Lazy Susan
This is the best option when it comes to saving space and making small items more accessible. They are ideal for small bottles and jars and do not require any installation.
  • Shelf Risers
Do you have a deep pantry cabinet and want to organize it? Similar to Lazy Susans, shelf risers make it easier to see small cans, spices, and jars that are hidden in a large area. Tiered rows of things make them easier to reach, reducing the chance of spills.
  • Floor Space
If the bottom shelf of your pantry has any floor space, it demands to be utilized. The addition of wheeled bins in this little area makes it simple to remove and replace heavier goods. When needed, simply wheel the bin into your kitchen, where you can easily wheel it back into position.
  • Reuse jars and bottles
Pickle, jelly and mason cars are perfect for DIYs and repurposed storage. Perfect for storing small, loose items like seasonings or rice. Aside from it being eco-friendly it's also enabling you to see everything you have more clearly.
  • Labels
Make it a point to add uniformity to your kitchen with a label maker. Adding faster recognition and organization. Having clear bins with labels will also make it easier to form lists for grocery store visits.
You would undoubtedly save money and have more convenience if you used some of the above hacks. It will be a game changer for your pantry space and will cut food expenses to make your dollar go much further. Maximizing your space, making goods plainly visible, and eliminating total food waste will all help.