Preparing Your Air Conditioning For Summer

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Michael Foster
July 22, 2024
Air Duct Cleaning
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Summer is here and temperatures are already rising consistently. It is time to run your AC non-stop. Here in Los Angeles, California, AC is a necessity for a comfortable environment. But you surely want to do more to keep it affordable. It is not a secret that cooling your home in summer takes up more than half of your monthly bill. However, there are several ways to minimize costs. Home Alliance is here to help you prepare your home air conditioning for summer.

Some tools that can make cooling less costly

First of all, we recommend you to upgrade your old mercury switch thermostat to a programmable one. It can help you to save $100 annually. Turn to our company and we’ll help you to choose and install the one that matches your requirements. As we are familiar with the latest options available, we will gladly find the correct model for your home considering your needs and budget. Whether you‘re thinking of a digital or programmable thermostat, we have got you covered. This device will also optimize the overall performance of your AC. Ceiling fans are handy and relatively cheap to operate. Combined with AC, they will help to spread cool air throughout your home. You can also use ceiling fans when days are cooler than usual.

Upgrade your current model with energy efficient one

There is a wide variety of AC models available. Each year new models come, which are more cost-efficient than previous ones. While you’re on the hunt, turn to us to choose the proper capacity. The biggest units can be more wasteful. On the other hand, small-size units work harder, which results in early wear and even breakage. So, it’s better to get consulted with professionals. To find out which AC delivers the best for your apartment or house, call us today for a free estimate and consultation. Not only can we help your select the proper model but also can set it up.

Book a quick check-up on your unit with our company

If you’ve got central AC, let us take a quick tour of its components to make sure they all are in proper working condition. All air conditioning systems work better after annual maintenance. Our regular service includes the following:
  • Checking the thermostat for correct operation
  • Inspection of electrical connections
  • The refrigerant level control
  • Cleaning condensing coils
  • Checking the compressor unit
  • Oiling the fan motor (if needed)
  • Belts replacement and adjustment (if needed)
  • AC filters replacement
  • Tune up the operating temperatures and pressures against the manufacturers` specifications
  • Inspection of the condensate drain
  • Checking the blower for proper flow
  • And many more
Drop us a ring for preparing your air conditioning for summer. Our expert will perform it quickly and affordably. When tuned-up well, your AC won’t let you down. To make an appointment or request an estimate on replacement or a new unit installation, call us right away. We’re looking forward to doing business with you!