Preventing Mold in Front-Loading Washers

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Gina Napsin
July 09, 2024
Home appliances
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Front-load washers are very effective and provide superior cleaning results. There is a drawback to this energy-efficient washer design; some customers have reported mold growth or foul odors in their front-load washers. Once they start, these problems can be very challenging to fix. You can avoid these problems with a little extra attention.
There are many reasons, but the humidity in the washer is the biggest offender. Additionally, too much soap and grime can leave some places wet. A front-loading washer sometimes fails to completely drain out wash residue, including grime, dirt, and even skin flakes, along with water softeners and detergents, due to the low water level. Using cold water for the majority of loads can exacerbate the issue.
You can prevent mold from developing in a front-load washer. That said, doing nothing certainly won’t help. Here’s a cheat sheet of what various manufacturers, as well as repair technicians, recommend doing.

Remove Your Clean Laundry ASAP

When the cycle is finished, put damp garments in the dryer to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Leave the Door Open
After washing, always leave the door and dispenser unit slightly ajar. The detergent/softener dispenser drawer and front-load washers need to dry out.
  • Clean the Glass and Gasket Regularly with a Disinfectant
Some manufacturers advise carrying out this action following each and every wash cycle. The gasket can be damaged by bleach coupled with water, leading to the gasket breaking down too soon. As a result, many individuals opt to utilize natural white vinegar in its place.
  • Check the Drain Hose
Ideally, it should only be 6 to 8 inches long and inserted into the drain pipe of your property. However, check your machine's handbook for precise directions. If it does it too often, it may siphon odorous water back into the washer, where it may remain.
Installing a washer fan on your front-loading washer's back vent is your best defense if you have musty towels and washer mold. It is the most effective long-term remedy for washer mold.
If your front-load washer is still covered by warranty, contact the maker for replacement or repair. To make sure your dealer or manufacturer fixes this issue, you should take a strong stance with them.
When purchasing a front-loading washer, you should be prepared to take more care with it to avoid these issues. You can do this by using only HE detergents, performing the cleaning cycle as directed by the manufacturer, and paying attention to the aforementioned advice.