Tips for cleaning your fridge quickly

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Michael Foster
November 15, 2022
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Sometimes the ickiest, dirtiest part of our kitchen is where we store our food! When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your refrigerator? We admit it is really tiring to declutter everything, only to put it back! That’s why Home Alliance is here to help make your cleaning experience easier with tips on cleaning your fridge!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

First and foremost, you must discard foods that have been sitting in your refrigerator for far too long! Make sure to check the expiration dates. Put them in a sealed bag and throw them in the bin. While doing so, remove the items inside one by one, setting them on a table or counter.

Take out the shelves, drawers, etc.

The drawers and shelves need to be cleaned too! Remove all the removable parts inside your fridge. Clean them with hot, soapy water. Make sure to dry the drawers and shelves as well with a clean, dry towel.

Clean the inside of the fridge

With all the shelves and drawers removed, you now have more free space to clean inside your fridge. You can also use hot, soapy water to clean the inside of your fridge! Don’t forget to wipe the door and parts that couldn’t be removed.

Clean it before putting it back in

What’s the use of cleaning your fridge if you plan on putting sticky jars, smelly foods, and other stuff back in? Make sure to wipe those jars and condiments before putting them back in! If your shelves were sticky when you cleaned them, you should really check the food inside your fridge. Other than jars and condiments, you should also use this opportunity to run food and drink containers under running water to clean them!

Keep it fresh

Now that your fridge is clean and fresh, you should really keep it that way! Don’t hoard leftovers and expired foods in your fridge. Give it a deep clean at least every 3 to 4 months.

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