Tips to Safeguard Your Air Conditioner

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Michael Foster
June 16, 2024
Heating & Cooling
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You value your air conditioner since it keeps your home cool during the hottest summer months. Unfortunately, because some of its components, such as the coils, have valuable copper, robbers also want to steal this gadget. Criminals seeking to sell this highly sought-after metal on the illicit market can take your air conditioner in a matter of minutes. However, you can take precautions for home security to deter would-be burglars and protect your air conditioning units.

Install a cage or fence

Your outdoor air conditioner will be harder to steal if you install a cage or wire fence over it and anchor it to the nearby concrete. Most thieves don't want to go through the trouble and spend the time needed to get past the enclosure. Although you can also create a custom one, many AC cages are available in various sizes. Ensure the AC unit has an adequate breathing area, and the cage opens with a key to let HVAC specialists in if necessary.

Set up an outside surveillance system or outdoor spotlights

Place outside lights in a thoughtful location, aiming them at your air conditioner. A criminal won't be very happy about having to pull off a heist while in the public eye because they don't want to get caught. Another benefit of motion sensor lights is that they can deter thieves who presume they'd be operating in the dark. This can also help police catch a robber if they ever come to your house and would also give you peace of mind.

Install an alarm system

Installing motion sensor lights and an alarm system around your property can help discourage burglars. Make sure your security system, if you have one, is routinely updated. New features are constantly added to security systems that secure your house. If your unit is penetrated, these security gadgets can sound a siren and contact you or the police.

Maintain yard security

If sturdy fences surround your property, lock them every night and when you leave the house. If you don't already have fencing, think about getting some because a thief won't appreciate the idea of scaling a high barrier to get an air conditioner.

Trim back bushes and other landscaping

Vandals can hide among overgrown bushes, trees, and other landscaping, preventing them from being discovered. Keeping the system visible, carefully maintained plants and landscaping will increase air conditioner security.
Improving air conditioner security is simply one step in safeguarding your air conditioner. To avoid catastrophic system failures and expensive repairs, it's also crucial to make sure that your system is properly maintained and serviced regularly. To ensure the protection of your AC, schedule expert AC system maintenance and service at least once every year.