Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

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Mark Jardine
March 14, 2024
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Doing chores has never been easy to do! Especially when you don’t have the motivation to do it. However, a clean home is a happy home, just staying happy while cleaning is the issue.

That’s why Home Alliance listed ways to make cleaning more fun and motivating! Check it out:

Play your favorite TV series or movie

Playing your favorite TV series or movie in the background while cleaning entertains you while you wipe the counter! You could also play a series you wouldn’t mind not paying attention to while cleaning. This would help you focus on cleaning, and by the time you've seen one or two episodes, you've probably finished your assignment and can decide whether or not to continue watching that particular show.

Play music in the background

Listen and dance to your favorite songs while sweeping and vacuuming the floor! Cleaning in silence just makes everything more unbearable, that’s why groove and have fun while you clean your home.

Make it a workout routine

Unbelievable as it may seem, a good cleaning session can raise your heart rate. That’s why thinking of it as a workout while scrubbing, washing floors, and rearranging your decors may just be the motivation you need! Plus it can be a good excuse to skip your day of exercise.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself while cleaning. Setting a time limit for every chore you do should get you pumped up to do it faster and excite you to finish your chores quickly.

Reward yourself

While cleaning your home, think of the reward you deserve other than a clean house. You can take a warm relaxing bath, watch your favorite shows, or just have a good nap after feeling fresh out of the shower! Maybe even a snack or two for the workout.