What Causes Ice Makers To Stop Working?

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Gina Napsin
February 23, 2024
Home appliances
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It’s always the small – and cold – luxurious things that we take for granted until we reach out and there’s none! This time we’re talking about ice makers. If you’re searching for reasons or causes of ice makers to suddenly have issues or stop altogether, Home Alliance is here to help.
We gathered a list of common problems why ice makers may suddenly stop doing their job!

Ice maker doesn't produce ice

There are several issues that might cause this problem, and an ice maker that doesn't produce ice is utterly worthless. One of them is that the ice maker might be turned off. If it’s turned on and still doesn’t make ice, there may be an issue with the water inlet valve. There are a number of issues with the parts that may cause the ice maker to stop, including a malfunctioning tap valve, solenoid, or water fill tube.

The refrigerator thermostat is misset

If your refrigerator’s thermostat is set too high or low, it might affect the ice maker and not work properly. If it’s too high, it might freeze the water before even reaching the mold. If it’s too low, it might make the ice too soft. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s manual to the right temperature for the ice maker.

Clogged or leaking water lines

The water line to your ice maker is critical for producing high-quality ice. If the water line becomes clogged, water cannot escape and no ice is produced. Or the lines have something unpleasant clogging them, and the ice you get may smell bad. Water line leaks are just as bad, if not worse. If a water line is cracked or a seal is broken, leaks can occur, resulting in a wet or frozen mess.

Ice is stuck in the mold

Misshapen ice, fractured ice, and fluffily frosted ice are three of the most common issues with an ice maker. This is due to ice bits becoming stuck in the ice mold. If an entire batch of ice becomes stuck, no new ice can be formed, and the water line may also cause a problem because it cannot fill the try.

Ice maker is not making enough ice

If you're still getting ice cubes but not as many as before, your line may be starting to freeze up. Inspect for a frozen line.