Why could clothes dryers be a “ticking time bomb”?

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Michael Foster
November 21, 2022
Home appliances
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There’s a metaphor saying that clothes dryers are “ticking time bombs”! Well, believe it or not, Home Alliance also believes in that. Dryers are common in every household, and imagine waking up one morning to see your house on fire because of it!

That isn’t the way you should greet your morning, so we gathered some ideas on why dryers catch fire and are considered time bombs!


The dryers are mainly called “time bombs,” but it’s not! Lints are the ones you should call a “ticking time bomb.” The truth is that tiny particles frequently pass through your vents, and if they become blocked, your home is put at risk.

Dryers can have lint buildup, and lint is highly flammable. If it gets too hot, it can catch fire. If you notice any burning smell, discontinue using your dryer immediately, and call a professional to get it checked out.

Cleaning your dryer vents is a must to avoid these instances. And if you’re wondering when it’s time, here are some signs!

  • It takes longer to dry

You notice that your dryer vent is clogged when it takes much longer to dry your clothes. Lints can block the vents, making it harder for air to circulate. This can run your dryer longer than it should, wearing it out.

  • The dryer is hot to the touch

After drying your clothes, if you touch your dryer or clothes and it's hot to an extent, there may be signs that the system is clogged.

  • It has been longer than a year since your last inspection

To lower the danger of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, dryer vent ducts should be examined at least once a year.

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