Why Does A Light Bulb Burn Out?

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Michael Foster
April 08, 2024
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Thomas Edison's light bulb invention significantly impacted the world by making electric lighting widely available. Some of the key effects of this invention include:
  • Illuminating homes and buildings - The light bulb is the main source of why our homes and buildings are properly illuminated. It makes things easier to see and practically improves safety.
  • Changing work patterns - The introduction of this great invention opened a gateway to an entirely new work paradigm. People could now remain productive and put in longer hours, resulting in the creation of today’s round-the-clock economy as even overnight shifts became feasible.
  • Advancing other industries - Thomas Edison's invention of light bulbs had a knock-on effect on other industries, including film and photography, which were able to advance and grow due to the improved lighting.
Above are only a few of the many advantages that Thomas Edison's invention brought to the world. It fundamentally changed how people lived and worked and profoundly impacted society, culture, and the economy.
Light bulbs are more than just a symbol of progress and innovation; they have become integral to the performance of our daily tasks. From outdoor pathways to indoor spaces, lightbulbs provide us with safety and convenience in addition to productivity. It is undeniable that without them, we would still be residing in darkness - unable to make meaningful contributions or conduct basic routines safely. This state-of-the-art electrical fixture has been a life changer for all, unlocking inexhaustible possibilities and improving the quality of living. Therefore, when your light bulb burns out or has issues, you should get a light repair or a complete light replacement as soon as possible.

What Causes Your Light Bulb To Burn Out?

  • Excessive Heat and Vibration
Your light bulb prematurely burns out because of excessive heat and vibration. Both high heat and excessive vibration may cause the filament to expand and contract, which can cause it to weaken and eventually break. To prevent your lighting fixture from premature breakdowns, you should use bulbs designed for high-temperature or high-vibration environments and install them in places where they will not be subjected to excessive heat or vibration.
  • High Voltage
Another reason it keeps burning out is that the voltage in your house is too high. Having frequent burnt-out light bulbs in different rooms in your house indicates that your voltage is too high that your electrical system finds it hard to handle. And when your electrical system can't keep up, it burns your light bulb and other electrical components. This problem requires immediate attention, so everything is taken care of fast and prevents more issues.
  • Incompatible Light Bulbs
Incompatible light bulbs may cause them to burn out prematurely because they were not designed to work with the specific fixture or device in which they are being used. For instance, if your bulb has a higher wattage than the fixture is rated for its use, it may overheat and burn out the bulb. Similarly, if a bulb with a different base type is used, it may not connect properly with the fixture and may burn out.
  • Short Circuits
Another reason your light bulb goes out suddenly is short circuits. It may cause your light fixture to burn out because short circuits usually produce a sudden and excessive flow of electricity through the bulb. As a result, the filament in the bulb overheats and burns out quickly.

Get a New Light Bulb Installed!

If your lighting fixture is beyond saving and is already outdated, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire fixture rather than continuing to replace burnt-out bulbs. And, of course, for your installation, you should always go to the best electricians. With a reputable electrical repair service company, rest assured that everything will always be:
  • Safe - Whether you're here for a minor repair or a more extensive installation service, you can count on professional electricians to have all the safety precautions to take on any job.
  • Cost-effective - An experienced electrician can also help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your electrical service needs.
  • Reliable - With an expert electrician working on your required repair service or any other work, you can trust that it will be reliable and long-lasting.
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