Why Does My Air Conditioner Only Work In Some Parts Of My House?

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Gina Napsin
June 16, 2024
Heating & Cooling
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You may be experiencing a cool breeze in your home, but it could also be because of an inefficient air conditioning system. Moving from one room of your home to another and the temperature changes can be frustrating and leave people feeling uncomfortable! The problem? Your air conditioner can't provide all those cool breezes in every part of your home. When the central air conditioner doesn't seem to reach all areas, it can cause disappointment when trying to find relief from hot weather conditions outside or while sleeping at night with no cool air!
The AC unit might not be cooling your entire home, as it could only reach one or two rooms. It may be because of clogs in various parts of its system, or it could just need an upgraded filter. Here we will explore some causes for this happening and solutions that can help fix any problem!
First, check for these common problems:
  • Clogged air filter
The most common cause of air conditioning issues is an obstructed filter. Your AC has a special mesh that filters air from dust and dirt. Still, when it gets clogged up, cool air can't flow through the system as efficiently, which means only rooms close to where you're sitting will have access to refreshing breezes while everything else stays hot!
If you want to prevent this problem, make sure your air filters are clean! This should be done at least once every few months, but it may need more frequent cleaning depending on your home or office's lifestyle habits. If you have pets or smoke indoors, your air filter may need to be cleaned monthly. If not recently, though, it's time for an upgrade!
  • Incorrectly Sized HVAC System For Your Home
Homeowners who choose their air conditioning systems often end up with one that's too big or small for the space it'll be running in. An HVAC system needs to be more efficient if you constantly turn it off and on, as this will happen more frequently when you have an oversized unit!
The wise homeowner will replace their HVAC system entirely rather than wasting time and money trying to fix an improperly sized unit. You can check if you have warranty coverage with the company of your product, but even then, it's best to avoid getting caught up in what they say because of all those pesky terms. Read them until something sounds right!
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils
If your home's air conditioning system has been struggling to keep up this summer, it might be because of clogged or dusty cooling systems. A simple solution is all you need--a quick vacuum before turning it on for the first time can help clear out any dirt that may have accumulated inside units over the years (and will make sure they work better!). If hiring someone else isn't possible, then at least do this little job yourself by taking care now so next season is easier!
To prevent your evaporator coil from becoming clogged and optimized for maximum cooling performance, you should be cleaned at least once a year. To do so in the most efficient manner possible, we recommend cleaning twice yearly - just before summer starts up again or after winter has finished!
  • Fan Motor Not Working Properly
When your AC isn't working, it can be frustrating. You could try many solutions on your own, but if things don't go as planned, calling professionals might help fix what's wrong with them quickly and efficiently! For instance- maybe a fan motor is giving out, or there may have been some debris building up inside one of these components, which would cause an obstruction preventing air flow through all areas where the air flows.
It's always best to call in an expert when you need help with your home AC unit. Working on HVAC systems can be dangerous, and some parts may not work correctly without professional intervention! A technician will know what's wrong and how much it costs for AC unit repairs or replacements.
  • Leaky Air Ducts
Another common cause for an AC unit's failure to cool some rooms in the home is leaky air ducts. Look for any tears, cracks, or gaps between two sections of air ducts to find where airflow has been obstructed by something, like insulation damage from heat waves happening outside! If you can feel cool breezes when running your hand under these areas, then someone had better do some repairing quickly.
Ducts are the part of your home that vent air to the outside. If you suspect leaky ones, then call up Home Alliance for a sealing job! We can do it by 95%, which will save hundreds on annual energy costs alone - give us just one day and see these savings realized sooner than expected.
  • Poorly Designed Rooms
The design of your home is essential to consider when trying to keep cool in hot weather, but it's also crucial for heating homes during winter. Some rooms receive more sunlight than others, meaning they will be warmer if that room was designed with an east-facing window. In contrast, another example is a room with no natural light and instead gets heated by electronics or lights inside the building itself!
The best way to keep your family cool and comfortable all year round is by installing a zoned heating system. The dampers in the ductwork will redirect air according to which zone you need more or less heat for so that you can adjust the temperature within each area at any time! You'll enjoy increased comfort levels and reduced energy bills because these particular zones will receive more conservative treatment than others left alone by modern technology.
If it's not one of the problems above, there is a high chance that your air conditioning and heating system has become unbalanced. You'll need to get this fixed by an HVAC company to keep your comfort levels optimal!

What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a way to make sure that each room in the house gets an appropriate amount of conditioned air. The key to having a perfectly balanced home is ensuring that all rooms have the optimal temperature. A space with very different temperatures throughout its various areas would be considered unbalanced and not as efficient for heating or cooling needs, so you must take care when trying out new thermostat settings!

How to Fix an Unbalanced System?

When you have central air installation, larger ducts and more vents are needed to get more cool breeze into the rooms that need it. This way, you can stay comfortable all year round! The dampers will help keep things running smoothly by tuning out any noise from outside or inside before releasing their cooled breath as warm mist into our homes' cracks and crevices.
Here are some of the most common issues of unbalanced air in your home:
  • Multiple floors. Balancing the rooms on each floor of your home is challenging because you have to consider the rising heat and the long runs needed to get air into all rooms.
  • Long-running ducts. If you have long-running ducts, the cool air will gain heat as it passes through. This means those rooms farther from your AC unit may end up warmer because they're further away from where the cool air comes from!
  • Inadequate vents. Large homes are often hot, especially during the hot summer months. One of the most common problems with these buildings is that there's only one return vent that can't suck in enough cool air from far away rooms, so you mix warmer and more humid indoor temperatures!
  • Room usage. Rooms or offices with a lot of electronics and appliances produce excessive warmth that will warm up the room faster.
  • Home renovations. Maybe you've had the same AC system for years, but it's time to get some new airflow. A remodel done by someone else could have upset your balance, especially if walls were added or removed from around it!
With today's energy-efficient systems, you'll enjoy a comfortable home even during summer. If your old HVAC unit needs to be fixed or has been neglected for years, many options are available on how best to use this wasted resource.

Who should I call for HVAC and air duct cleaning services?

Luckily for you, though, we have solutions! If something needs repairing on your AC unit, or you need to know how best to fix them, give Home Alliance a call. We will help diagnose what's going on so that comfort can return to your home and summers are cooler than ever. Schedule an appointment at Home Alliance - they'll send technicians to figure out where cool breezes should flow so that everyone gets the comfort they deserve in their homes.
Review our HVAC maintenance, air duct cleaning, and maintenance services today. Book a servicewith us today for a reliable estimate or the answers to all your questions.