Winterizing Your Children's Play Area: Safety and Fun

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Michael Foster
June 13, 2024
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It's time to make sure that your house is set for winter, especially the kids' play area, as the first whispers of the season arrive along with a dip in temperature. Here’s how to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and get the playground ready for a season of snowy adventures - from protective coverings to innovative play upgrades.

Inspect and repair structures

Inspect all play structures, including swings, slides, and climbing frames, thoroughly before winter sets in. Check for wear and tear, broken parts, and loose bolts. For your children's safety, replace or repair any damaged parts.

Secure structures

Play constructions should be properly fastened to the ground to avoid damage from strong winds or heavy snowfall. To stabilize the machinery and reduce the possibility of accidents, use concrete footings, anchors, or stakes.

Remove potential hazards

Remove any sharp items, fallen branches, or other debris that can endanger your kids from the play area. This will guarantee a secure atmosphere and assist in preventing injuries.

Cover equipment

Play equipment like swings, slides, and sandboxes should be covered with weather-resistant materials to keep out snow, ice, and moisture. This will shield them from harm and increase their longevity.

Store toys

All outside toys should be kept in a dry, safe place, like a garage or shed. This includes balls, bicycles, and ride-on toys. When stored correctly, they will not deteriorate and will be easily accessible for usage when the weather gets better.

Drain water features

If you have any water features, such as fountains or sprinklers, make sure to drain them before freezing temperatures arrive. This will prevent the water from freezing and causing damage to the equipment.

Trim surrounding trees and branches

Trim any overhanging branches or trees near the play area to prevent them from falling and causing damage during winter storms. This will also minimize the risk of injury to your children.

Apply protective coatings

Consider applying a protective coating, such as a weatherproof sealant or paint, to wooden play structures. This will help prevent moisture damage and extend their lifespan.

Provide a safe walking surface

Clear the ice and snow off the pathways that go to the play area. For a child-and adult-safe walking surface, use sand, salt, or non-slip mats.

Regularly inspect and maintain

Periodically check the play area for signs of wear, damage, or risks throughout the winter months. As soon as any repairs are required, get them fixed so your kids can continue to be safe and have fun.
Recall that doing these crucial winterization tasks for your kids' playroom will safeguard the toys and provide a secure and entertaining play space for your little ones.