Are there things I shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet?

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We get this question a lot, and the answer is that you shouldn’t be flushing anything down the toilet besides your waste and a small amount of toilet paper. Toilet paper is made to naturally break down once flushed while many other options will not, damaging your septic system or causing clogs. Avoid flushing the following items down any toilet: Tampons/pads Diapers Baby wipes Paper towels Facial tissue Dental floss Q-tips Cotton balls Hair Food Cat litter Are there things I shouldn’t be putting down my garbage disposal? There are many things we encourage homeowners never to put down a garbage disposal. Some of these include the following: Eggshells Bone fragments Potato skins Banana peels Fruit pits/seeds Onion skins Popcorn kernels String vegetables Grease/fats

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