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Do you guys service Kenmore refrigerators? We need the door taken off and put back on to get it in the apartment. We can't take it off since there are a bunch of wires connected to it. There are also missing screws in it too.

Yes, we have technicians to help you. Our technicians are fully booked for the day since it's already late in the afternoon. But we can send out a technician for sure tomorrow in the morning. We have a service call fee , which pays for the technician to travel to your home, inspect your unit and tell you what's wrong. That will be waived if you proceed with the repairs with us. We accept debit and credit cards and checks regarding our mode of payment. Our technician has common parts available to fix it right away. If the part isn't available, he can order a part for you straight from the manufacturer. Our technicians will call you 30 minutes before their arrival.
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