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How can I troubleshoot a sub-zero refrigerator that is making strange noises?

To troubleshoot a Sub-Zero refrigerator making strange noises, follow these steps:
1. Identify the noise: Try to pinpoint the type of sound (e.g., humming, buzzing, rattling, clicking) and its location (inside, back, bottom).
2. Check for levelness: Ensure the refrigerator is level on the floor, as uneven positioning can cause a rattling or vibrating noises.
3. Inspect the condenser coils: Dust and debris on the coils can lead to vibrating or rattling sounds. Clean them using a coil brush or vacuum cleaner.
4. Tighten components: Check and tighten any loose screws or parts, such as handles, shelves, or fan blades.
5. Monitor ice maker: If equipped, listen for unusual sounds from the ice maker and investigate potential issues.
6. Call a professional: If unsure or the noise persists, seek assistance from a certified Sub-Zero technician for a thorough diagnosis and repair to avoid further damage.
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