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How do I reset the control panel on my Wolf M Series Wall Oven after a power outage?

Resetting the control panel on your Wolf M Series Wall Oven after a power outage is a straightforward process. Power outages can sometimes cause the oven's settings to revert to default or result in an error code. Here's how to reset the control panel:

Please Note: Before attempting any reset, ensure that the oven is no longer receiving power. If the power outage caused a surge when the power was restored, it's important to follow these steps to reset the control panel:

1. Unplug the Oven: If the oven is plugged into an electrical outlet, unplug it from the outlet. Alternatively, if your oven is hardwired, you can turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the oven. Leave it unplugged, or the circuit breaker turned off for at least 30 seconds to ensure that the oven's control panel fully resets.
2. Wait for 30 Seconds: This step allows any residual power to drain from the oven's electrical components.
Plug the Oven Back In or Turn On the Circuit Breaker: After waiting for 30 seconds, plug the oven back in if it was unplugged or turn the circuit breaker back on if it was switched off.
3. Check the Control Panel: Once the power is restored, the control panel should reset itself. You may see the display briefly light up as it initializes.
4. Set the Clock: If the oven's clock reset to the default time or if it's flashing, set the correct time by pressing the "Clock" or "Time" button (depending on your oven model) and following the on-screen instructions in the user manual.
5. Check for Error Codes: If the power outage caused any error codes to appear on the display, they should clear once the control panel is reset. If any error codes persist, consult your oven's user manual for specific error code troubleshooting steps.
6. Test the Oven: After resetting the control panel, test the oven to ensure it's functioning correctly. Preheat the oven to a low temperature and verify that it reaches and maintains the desired temperature.

Remember to consult your Wolf M Series Wall Oven's user manual for specific instructions related to your model, as procedures may vary slightly depending on the oven's features and controls. Following these steps should help you reset the control panel and restore normal operation after a power outage.
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