How to clean the fridge's water line?

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A preventative approach that can maintain your water dispenser and ice maker in good working order and stop the growth of germs within the line itself is flushing out your water line every six to twelve months. The steps to cleaning the refrigerator's water line are as follows: Turn off the water supply valve. You should disconnect the fridge and the water line tubing from the supply source. Ensure that the distilled vinegar is poured into a different cup or bucket at the other end of the line when you carefully pour a cup down the tube. In addition to the water line attachment on the back of the refrigerator, soak both ends of the tube in vinegar for a few minutes. Reattach the water line tubing to the fridge and the water supply. Discard the water after using the water dispenser to flush out any vinegar that may still be present in the line. To be sure that every last drop of vinegar has exited the line, discard the first two batches of ice produced.

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