How to replace a burned electrical wiring

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When replacing burned electrical wiring, it is essential to take safety precautions and use the right tools and materials. To start: Turn off the power source (breaker box) and remove any insulation or protective covering that may conceal the wiring. Inspect the wiring to determine which wiring needs to be replaced. If possible, mark the old wires with colored tape so they can easily be identified later. Once you have determined which wire needs to be replaced, use wire strippers or a utility knife to strip back 1/2 inch of insulation from each end of the wire. Connect a new piece of insulated electrical wire from one end of the old wire cut out to one side of the circuit breaker for a power source connection. Make sure the two pieces are connected firmly using crimp connectors or pliers. At this point, you should join one end of another new insulated electrical wire from the other side of the breakers for a power source connection at one end. Then proceed by attaching it securely to either side of a switch(s) within your desired circuit. For optimal safety when working with electricity, always wear rubber-soled shoes when handling wires and attempt not to work alone if possible in case of an emergency while working on live wires. Keep metal objects away from exposed wires as they can conduct electricity and prevent electrocution or electric shock if there is contact with live current. Additionally, all exposed wires must be covered with an approved electrical conduit before turning on the power again, just in case there are potential hazards, such as short circuits needing protection.

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