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how to replace sub zero air purification cartridge

To replace the Sub-Zero air purification cartridge, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the power: Unplug the refrigerator or turn off its circuit breaker to ensure safety during the replacement.
2. Locate the air purification cartridge: The cartridge is typically located inside the refrigerator, usually at the top or back.
3. Remove the old cartridge: Depending on the model, there might be a cover or holder securing the cartridge. Gently remove the cover and slide out the old cartridge.
4. Install the new cartridge: Slide the new cartridge into the holder, making sure it fits securely.
5. Replace the cover: Put back any cover or holder that was removed.
6. Turn on power: Restore power to the refrigerator.
7. Reset the indicator: If your refrigerator has a cartridge replacement indicator, reset it to ensure accurate monitoring of the cartridge's lifespan.
Always consult your refrigerator's manual for specific instructions and the correct replacement cartridge model.
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