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I'm calling to put in a service request. I believe we had some work done with you guys before. We actually have a Frigidaire refrigerator that's not cooling on the top, and we wanted to see if we can have a repair man come out and check it out and see if there is any repairing that needs to be done. If they can be sent over as soon as possible because we have a guest sleeping over here, and I don't think they want their food to be spoiled.

We can have an appointment for today between 11am and 2pm. Let me just remind you how we work. We have a service call fee for the visit, it's, that's for a full physical diagnostic of the unit, and once you decide to proceed with us, the service call fee will be waived. For a mode of payment, you can pay us with a credit or debit card or check; we don't take cash for now. Keep your phone active and keep your fridge plugged in.

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