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Is this Viking Appliance Repair? I have a couple Viking appliances that need to be checked out. All are Viking; one is a fridge, the other is a dishwasher, and the last is a tabletop microwave. The fridge's motor is pretty noisy; it's whining. The dishwasher has a leak and doesn't work anymore. The microwave's turntable doesn't turn anymore.

Yes, we have technicians that can help with all your Viking appliances. We have a technician available tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM. We can go ahead and set up the appointment for you. Our technicians will call you 30 minutes before their arrival. For our technician to come out, check what's going on, and give you the best option. We have an estimation fee. Our service fee is for each unit, but we will give you a discount. We'll offer for the refrigerator, for the dishwasher, and the microwave will be free. So the total will be, but that will be waived if you proceed with the repairs with us

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