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Kenmore front-load washer, how to reset the computer?

Resetting the computer in a Kenmore front-load washer can help resolve various issues such as error codes, cycle interruptions, or unresponsive controls. The process to reset the computer may vary slightly based on the specific model, but here are the general steps you can follow: 1. Pause and Cancel: If the washer is currently running a cycle and you want to reset it, press the "Pause" or "Cancel" button on the control panel. This will stop the current cycle. 2. Unplug the Washer: Gently unplug the washer's power cord from the electrical outlet. This will completely disconnect the washer from the power source. 3. Wait for a Few Minutes: Leave the washer unplugged for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This waiting period allows any residual power to dissipate from the electronic components. 4. Plug the Washer Back In: After the waiting period, plug the washer's power cord back into the electrical outlet. Make sure the plug is fully inserted into the outlet. 5. Power On the Washer: Press the washer's power button to turn it on. Depending on the model, this button might be labeled "Power" or have a power icon. The control panel should light up, and the washer should be in standby mode. 6. Select a Cycle: Choose a washing cycle by turning the cycle selector knob or pressing the corresponding button on the control panel. Make sure the door is closed securely. 7. Start the Cycle: Once you've selected the desired cycle and any additional options, press the "Start" button to initiate the cycle. The washer should begin operating normally. 8. Monitor Operation: During the cycle, observe the washer's operation to ensure that it's functioning as expected. Check the control panel for any error codes or messages. It's important to note that the exact steps for resetting the computer in a Kenmore front-load washer can vary based on the model and the control panel design. Always refer to your washer's user manual for model-specific instructions and guidance. If the problem persists after the reset or if you're unsure about performing the reset yourself, consider contacting Kenmore's customer support or a professional appliance technician for further assistance. The user manual for your specific model should provide detailed instructions on resetting and troubleshooting the washer's computer and controls.
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