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What type of advanced features do some toilets include?

Certain toilets can include:

Comfort stool height: For individuals with mobility issues, these toilets make it easier to sit down and stand back up.
Dual-flush action: Have you ever seen those toilets with two buttons on the tank? These toilets have dual-flush action, which gives you the option for a full flush (recommended for solid waste) or a lighter flush (recommended for liquid waste). By using the lighter flush, you will be more efficient and save money.
Heated seats: Many toilets come with heated seats, and who wouldn’t want that?
Integrated bidets: Bidets are excellent personal hygiene tools and some even come with their own remote control. There are bidet seats that can be attached to almost any toilet.
Motion-activated seats: Do you keep getting in trouble for leaving the toilet seat up? Well, with motion-activated seats, you won’t get in trouble anymore! There are sensors that raise the lid as you approach it and when the toilet is unoccupied, both the seat and lid automatically lower.
Automatic deodorizer: Automatic air fresheners can be built into some toilets or added to an existing toilet
Built-in night lights: Do you sometimes have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but you don’t want to turn all the lights on? With the built-in night lights on the toilet bowl, you won’t need to turn on any lights!
At Home Alliance, we have comfort height bowls on hand. If you want any other toilets with other advanced features, we can special-order just about anything for you!
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